Friday, January 10, 2014


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Few days back I made a trip down to The Dream Nail at Ang Mo Kio to get my nails done! It's a cosy little nail parlour at the neighbourhood of Ang Mo Kio! I believe that girls should at least have clean and trimmed nails, with a little nail polish will be good!! I had a slightly addictive phase to mani and pedi cause I couldn't stand the sight of ugly cracked heels and peeling cuticles. But I gradually stop going to nail parlours cause paying for regular manicure is just not worth it, it chips within 3 days! Until I discovered GELISH!!
So here's my trip down to The Dream Nail at Ang Mo Kio!
Front of their shop, The Dream Nail is located within Glamour Beaute.
Cosy space in the nail parlour for medicure and pedicure! 
Interior of the parlour is extremely clean, air conditioned, and very comfortable! 
The prices are extremely reasonable! 
They have an ongoing promotion right now, scroll down to the end for more information.
Some unique designs that my manicurist, Iris, drew! 
You can also bring down a copy of design that you'd like, and she can replicate it! 
Their nail  polish and nail art products are imported from Korea, Taiwan and Japan. 
There's a wider colour range compared to the commonly seen gelish brands like Harmony. The colours suit asian woman more! 
I chose my base coat colour from this wide range of nail colour palette. I was looking for a nude, and she had sucha big variety of nude colour! 
Procedures of the manicure. I painted my crappy black french tips last week and it was already chipping. Iris removed my existing nail polish, file it to shape, clear my cuticles, and conditioned my nails before proceeding to painting it. 
If you have brittle nails like I do, you can ask for the Nail Strengthening base coat when you do your Gelish!
 It'll repair and strengthen your nails before painting the colour! 
I did a gradient black french tip. Something simply to start off the year! 
Couldn't think of anything fancy therefore, french tips for the whole month of January!! 
Gelish mani and pedi is really worth every penny! For $20 you get pretty nails for the entire month without chipping or fading! That's a whole month of ignoring your nails and it'll still look good. You're actually saving so much more time and money! If you're intending to have long elegant nails, then Gelish also reinforces the growth of nails! Because it is extremely hard and sturdy, it acts as a shield for your nails while it grows! Plus, right after the gelish manicure session, your movements are not hindered by wet nail polish! It dries instantly under the LED light.
Here are The Dream Nail's ongoing promotion!! Do support!!

For more information or nail art ideas, visit
Blk 448 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 #01-1705, Singapore 560 448
To make an appointment, call 9822 2748
My nails are done by Iris.
'Like' and 'Share' their Facebook Page on your profile to get a 
15% discount on any relish / extension services!!
Or follow them on Instagram (@TheDreamNail)

- Classic Manicure and Pedicure - SG$32 nett only
- Gelish Manicure - SG$20 nett only
- Gelish Manicure and Classic Pedicure - SG$55 nett only
(inclusive of FREE soak off for gelish manicure)
- Gelish Manicure and Gelish Pedicure - SG$60nett only
(inclusive of FREE soak off for gelish manicure & pedicure)

*Opening Promotions is not valid between 15th Jan till 30th Jan 2014.

- Gelish Manicure - SG$38
- Gelish Manicure and Classic Pedicure - SG$58
- Gelish Manicure and Gelish Pedicure - SG$68

*Chinese New Year promotions will start from 15th Jan till 30th Jan 2014.
Unless not doing Chinese New Year package, additional of $8 per service is applicable.
No scrubbing of foot for Chinese New Year Package.
Appointments for Chinese New Year package is a MUST to avoid disappointment.
Cash payment only.

- Express Manicure - SG$6
- Express Pedicure - SG$10
- Express Manicure and Pedicure - SGD15

- Classic Manicure - SG$15
- Classic Pedicure - SG$30
- Classic Manicure and Pedicure - SG$40

- Gelish Manicure - SG$30
- Gelish Pedicure - SG$45
- Gelish Manicure and Pedicure - SG$65

- Acrylic/Gel Extensions - From SG$60 onwards
- Soak Off - From $10 onwards
- 2D Nailart - From $1 (per nail) / $8 (sets)
- 3D Nail Art - From $3 (per nail) / $20 (sets)

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