Monday, January 13, 2014


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Are you a fan foot or body massage? Or perhaps a traditional suction cupping or scrape sand therapy? If you are, then I have an awesome massage parlour in the east to recommend you!! I've been for foot massages, heard of the million benefits that traditional foot massage can bring to one's health, however I've never found a proper massage parlour in the east that I can patron. When Jaja Infinity approached me for their services, I was really excited!! 

Jaja Infinity  is located in Simei, a short walking distance from the train station, you get to soak in their lavish and wide massage chairs integrated with PC tablets while enjoying your massage by their trained experienced therapist. They accept nothing less than perfect as planned for you when you arrive! So here's my foot massage experience at Jaja Infinity 

 Entering Jaja Infinity! They have huge massage chairs that can probably fit two person. Clean velvety seats that were very comfortable. Chairs can also be extended to sleeping posture. All chairs are integrated with PC tablets to keep you occupied during your massage session! Or if you prefer human interaction, you can always chit chat with the therapist, they are really friendly! 
Services at Jaja Infinity that you can try out! 
A clean towel with a moisturiser for each massage session. 
Valerie doesn't look very happy with me pinching her face… 
Just me looking excited.
Just Valerie looking very pleased. 
… and this is me looking super comfortable with the foot massage. 
Soaked our feet in luke warm ginger water. The ginger water aids in expelling air and toxin from our feet.
 While massaging, I got this tablet to keep me company! I also had a little chat with the therapist! All of the therapist actually went for training before they can work in a Jaja Infinity massage parlour! While massaging, he also told me some weakness that I have with my health, so that I'll try to take note of it. I told him I get nightmares everyday since I was really young. He pressed onto my 'sleep' point, and told me tonight you won't have nightmares, and indeed for the first night in my life I slept without any dreams. 
Overall, I really enjoyed the massage session at Jaja Infinity. Will head back to try their other therapies like the full body massage, suction cupping (ba guan) and scrape sand (gua sha) therapies. With just one foot reflexology session, I had a good night sleep and also further understood what my health is lacking! 

Basically anyone who wants better health (except pregnant ladies) can enjoy foot reflexology. If you're often falling sick, you should start your regular foot reflexology session to increase your immune system! Foot reflexology induces a state of deep relaxation by opening neutral pathways. It stimulates more than 7,000 nervous just by the pressure on our feet. It also increases circulation, improving blood flow throughout the body (it actually gives our skin a natural glow too). Cleansing our bodies toxins and impurities while stimulating the central nervous system! 


Massage helps ease muscle stiffness, stress and tension. 
It's a definite reliever. Expect only the best during your massage therapy! 
For more information on Jaja Infinity, do visit
Simei Branch @ 17 Simei Street 4 Unit #01-60 Double Bay Residences Singapore 529 881
To book and appointment, call 6444 4246.
Visit the Facebook Page for more information. 

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