Sunday, January 05, 2014


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Ashincans is back with a new collection!! This time, they not only brought in new items, but they also self manufactured exclusive pieces!! Plenty of new items to start the brand new year with! Items like party dresses with sequins, sleek black classic dresses, or even casual apparels for school! I've previously done a advert for them, you can view Ashincan's Black Jeffery Campbell Acrylic Heels and Playful Checkered Romper HERE.
Navy Miami Pullover by Ashincans
Headband by Grammah, Stripe Denim Shorts by H&M, Plain Canvas Bag by Rackspaceproject, Nude Woven Sneakers by Sanuk. 

Perfect for the rainy weather in Singapore right now! This pullover is not too thick, just enough to keep you warm during the rainy seasons, but doesn't make you perspire during a sunny day! Pair it with a denim shorts, or even jeans for a casual day at school! It's Navy Miami Puller can be found in Collection 131

 AIC Black Chiffon Lined Off Shoulder Dress by Ashincans
Black Floppy Hat from Austrailia, White Rollover Clutch by Radpopsicles, Round Shades from Bugis Street.

Ashincan's very own self manufactured exclusive piece!! Comes in white, pink, purple, green and black. It's a very comfortable and light weight piece. The dress looks sleek yet feminine at the same time, thanks to the off shoulder cut. AIC Black Chiffon Lined Off Shoulder Dress can by found in Collection 132. Ashincan brought in plenty of colourful items for the new year! Check them out at their website now!! 

Promotion valid till 18th January 2014. 

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