Thursday, December 26, 2013


Do you see a familiar face? 
Went to support Valerie on her band concert few days ago. 
If you didn't know, she's part of a band and she plays the clarinet, just like Squidward. 
The next day was Christmas Eve, had dinner with my boyfriend and friends! Since people are saying that my blog is getting boring, I'm being more hardworking now to snap more pictures okay! For you guys, I suffered from comments like 'wa lao, everything also must take picture ah'. So you better appreciate my posts!! 
My boyfriend's colleague gave him this stuffed sheep for Christmas, which coincidentally happen to be my favourite stuffed animal. I usually don't like stuffed toys but there's just something about this Nici sheep that got me to collect them. This year, I took over all my boyfriend's gifts. Too bad for him...
Anyway, thought you guys might be interested, this pizza restaurant is not bad. Price is reasonable, the food is good, and the ambience is very cosy, perfect for friends and families. It's called Peperoni Pizzeria.
One of our friend, Lindy, got the boys legos as Christmas gifts, and it got all of us so occupied. 
These are the girls that I grew up with. So grateful that we hung out in Secondary school, and never let our busy schedules tear us apart. Merry Christmas to all of you!! Hope 2013 have been kind to you! If not, then 2014 will be!