Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Haha… Did a little comic strip of Loki using some left over photos I had from the advert. Would be such a waste if I were to delete them, he look so cute in all the pictures!! Hope you like my french bulldog as much as I do! 

By the way, some of you have asked me if I am no longer active on ask.fm. Yes I have removed it from my blog because it has became a platform for unnecessary criticisms. The reason why I had ask.fm in the first place is to share related information with my readers, people who truly wants to communicate with me. However, I remembered someone once asked me 

'Why doesn't *this certain blogger* have ask.fm? If people don't like her, how do we tell her?' 

OMG seriously?! Have ask.fm/formspring became a platform for keyboard warriors to criticise bloggers? So I've closed it. For people who genuinely wants to ask me reasonable questions, you can leave a comment on my blogpost, or ask me on my Instagram (I'll reply). Anyway, happy 2014. 

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