Saturday, December 21, 2013


About a week ago, I was invited by Tiger Air to fly to Boracay with the Gushcloud team! I've heard about how beautiful Boracay is, and various korea fashion labels did their photoshoots there!! So I was definitely excited to visit Boracay. Therefore, a team of Gushcloud bloggers and staff went on board Tiger Air and flew to Borocay together!! Shall let the pictures do the talking!!
The flight took about 4 hours! After the flight, there was a two hour bus ride to the pier, and another fifteen minutes ferry ride to our hotel!

We had a warm welcome from the staff at The District Boracay. They presented us with a refreshing ginger drink and hot towels, then showed us to our rooms! I shared a room with Valerie and Nicole. After three days at Boracay, walking to and fro on the same stretch of road, The District Bocaray was the most modern and pretty looking hotel in Bococay! We didn't even know if there's other hotels around cause all the other apartments look really dilapidated. Only The District Boracay and certain restaurants and bar looks modern. So here's the hotel tour: 
Brownies were laid on our room table with our names on it! Very thoughtful! 
There were even letters addressed to us, welcoming our stay in the hotel. 
The room is extremely neat and clean! Interior was very warm and cosy as well. 
The bathroom area was my favourite! There's a total of three mirrors, the toilet and bath area were separated. Sufficient clean towels were provided to us. There's even a laundry basket to throw our used towels for collection. The toilet rolls edges were folded into triangles, such little details really makes a huge difference to a guest. 
Balcony area where some of us sat and chill in the night! Very clean too, and insect free! 
Swimming pool area! 

Recommended by some of the locals, the whole lot of us met up for dinner at Henann shortly after we settled down. The food was really awesome, very unpredictably delicious! 

The fried rice was extremely fragrant. I always thought chinese food taste the best, but this restaurant proved me so wrong! 
This squid is the best man! Thai cuisines have cripsy baby squids as well, but the sauce on this dish made it so damn yummy. I only had like 3-4 baby squids before the whole dish was completely wiped out!! 
My favourite girls enjoying dinner! 

I love hotel breakfast! It just looks extra yummy. Breakfast at The District Boracay was awesome! There's a wide range of cooked food, fruits, cereals and others to choose from! So good that I had too much bacon on the second day and got a really bad sore throat. 
Two hungry monkeys gobbling their food. 
After breakfast, we went out for a walk, there are a few shops at boracay to get your beach accessories. After shopping for our waterproof bags, we went to explore camwhore by the beach. 
Lunch was freaking awesome man. It was a very simple meal by the beach, prepared by some local islanders, but it's probably the most satisfying meal I ever had. I've never tasted food that is so pure. The prawns, fish and chicken was so huge! The meat was so fresh and tender. They even served us mangos that was so damn sweet! So good that I forgot to take pictures. :/ 
After snorkelling for the entire day, the three of us didn't swim enough, so we went soaking in the pool. But shortly after, some girls came and join us!! Freda took multiple jump shots of us, all looking very frog like. 
Chilled by the bar! The previous night we went to a bar in our pyjamas man. 

Third day was the day that I ate too much bacon and fell sick. Had a day of fun, chilling by the beach with Nicole and Joanne. Thank god I did all that camwhoring before I fell sick. Fainted while getting my nails done and had totally no appetite for dinner. Freda kept feeding me with food and plenty of fluids, so that I'll recover soon! All of them went to chill after dinner, which I went back to the hotel all alone to rest. Of course I couldn't sleep cause I'm a little afraid of 'you know what', so Nicole came back to accompany me. 
Nicole captured a super rare picture of me smiling. I wanted to look emo but then some hotel guest at the background was teasing us for being camwhory, therefore the smile. 
These are some pictures that the other bloggers took from their activities. I didn't join them, so i stole their pictures! Teehee. 

Bye bye Boracay. You're so pretty. I'll see you soon? 
Thank you Gushcloud and Tiger Air for this wonderful experience at Boracay. 
Of course not forgetting The District Boracay for the excellent hospitality. 
If Boracay is not your cup of tea, then maybe Yangon would be! 


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