Monday, November 11, 2013


So it's been half a decade.
My very first fifth year anniversary.
I still remember that little conversation I had with my girlfriend by the pool side, telling her how I really can't buy the idea of meeting a stranger and spending the rest of your life with him. Look who proved me wrong. Can't believe how amongst the billions of people, I found you. It's been five years, but you still make me laugh like a little girl. 
We went to Poulet for dinner, cause I heard the amazing reviews about the place!
French Onion Soup was great, except that the croutons was kinda stale. 
First time trying Escargots!! Tasted like clams though, but I do love the sauce that came along with it. 
My braised duck was okay. Nothing really fantastic about it. 
The garden vegetables looks like what sick people would eat. :/ 
Boyfriend ordered this and it looks pathetic. 
It's what sick people looks like, pale and grey. But he said it tasted okay. 
The fries is the best I've ever had. It's crispy on the outside but the potatoes were fluffy and soft inside. 
Every single one was piping hot!! 
Settled at Ben & Jerry's while waiting for our friends. 
My favourite ice cream flavour is chocolate with crushed nuts! 
Just a dorky hand sign that we used to do back in our secondary school days when we took neoprints.
Come onnnn, don't deny it, we all know you've all been there and done that too.
Haven't partied in such a long time, felt really weird being with all the kids.