Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I've been an acne victim for about 10 years. Whatever solution there is in the market, you name it, I've tried it.
Who wouldn't yearn for flawless skin? I've always envied girls with super healthy glowing skin. With acne, make up just feels like it's caking and clogging my skin. As the sun goes down, my makeup can no longer hold up and my horrible sandpaper-like texture face starts to show. 

My condition improved a lot since I signed up for facial packages about last year. I consistently went for my facial appointments every month to get rid of the oil clogged pores that were about to surface and eventually turn into pimples. After about one year, I realised I didn't want be to be reliant on facial treatments to get rid of my acne, it wasn't a permanent cure, it was merely temporary. If I didn't go for my facial appointments punctually, the acne will start to bubble under my skin, and slowly leads to an outbreak. 

One of the main reason why I recently stop going for my facial appointment was because of the amount of pain I had to suffer during extraction of the dirt in my pores. After extractions, it'll leave horrible, but temporary, red marks all over my face for at least 3-4 days, which I would have to stay home for. I wouldn't want to go through that much pain once every month. Therefore I begin researching on other ways to get my skin cured. 

I'm sure many of you seen reviews of DRX on various blogs. I too, was very tempted to give it a try. The night before I wanted to make an appointment with DRX as a paying customer, they contacted me for a sponsorship!! YAYYY!

Through my acne days, I've visited 3 different dermatologist. The very first one was National Skin Centre, they did cure my skin for about 6 months, before it started to outbreak again. Second one I went to was Dr Chan Clinic at Hougang, the medicine he gave was super drying to my skin, and it just felt really uncomfortable, and the staff there was really rude! So I discontinued my treatments there. Last one that i visited was a random family doctor at Tampines, the doctor was very motherly, she told me to watch my diet and try out facials to help clear my clogged pores. That's when I started going for facials. So DRX would be the forth dermatologist that I've visited and here's my experience: 
Entering the clinic at 10am with Valerie. 
Very clean interior. Got to speak with one of the staff there who assured me my skin wasn't in very bad condition and promise me to try their best and clear my skin up by Christmas. 
Was told to fill up this form with very basic information about myself, and also other very cute questions like 'how would you like to be addressed' and 'which magazine would you like in the waiting room'. 101% for attentiveness efforts. 
Got to met Dr Tan Hui Yun.
I love her. She's so friendly and nice. She probably have to explain to hundreds of acne patients about their skin condition every week, but she detailedly explain every single bit that I need to know about my skin. 
Val's turn. Val's skin was totally the opposite of mine. Her skin was very dry, to the extent that it hurts when she applied moisturiser. I remember Dr Tan prescribed her with a moisturiser gel that is non oily.
We were led into the Photo Analysis room to take pictures of our current skin condition so that they can use as comparison for future references. 
We were both then led into this room to learn how to use our products. 
Of course we would think that we can remember the exact procedures, but every time when we get home, we'll just forget everything. Therefore, DRX being super attentive again, printed our such leaflets to write down the proper steps for us to reference when we're home. The assistant even left her number at the side of the brochure, just in case if we have any last minute enquiry with the products. 
I requested for the billing list just incase you girls might need. Only the highlighted items are the products that were prescribed to me. I calculated my total bill, and it was about $600 (consultation & medication).

Comparing from Day 1 till Day 14, the acne on my forehead did get better. I'm so grateful that my acne is under control without any pain from the extraction needles. However my skin is still far from being perfect. I do hope my subsequent visits will allow me to have a perfect skin!!!!

Oh ya, not forgetting, about a year ago Fernnice (boss of Modparade) encouraged me to try out DRX. She told me her whole family goes there for their facials, which btw her mom, aunts and herself have awesome flawless gorgeous skin. She also said that passer-by would stop her aunt on the street just to ask where she did her facial. I didn't heed her advice cause at that time I just signed up a package for my facial.

These are the products that were prescribed to me: 
1. Milk Cleanser A make up remover to remove all traces of makeup on my skin.
2. Foaming Cleanser Facial Cleanser
3. Toner For the enhancement of the cleansing process.
4. Comedone Formula Reduces the appearance of blackheads, whiteheads and blemishes.
5. Max C A potent anti-oxidant that counteracts free radicals, encourages collagen and elastin production to control the adverse effects of photo-damage, including wrinkling, sagging and other symptoms of premature skin ageing.
6. Vit-A-Gel Helps to keep acne under control.
7. Liposomal Sunscreen For the broad-spectrum protection against harmful UVAI, UVAII/UVB rays.

I expected to have really dry and flaky skin after using their products, because most dermatologist try to dry up your skin to stop acne from resurfacing. However, my skin feels like it is on it's natural moisture level, totally far from the acidic tight burning kinda feeling I had with other dermatologist medications. Applying makeup feels so much easier now.

If you're an acne victim like me, then stop spending your money trying out products off shelves.
Perhaps you'd like to give your skin a chance!!
My doctor is Dr Tan Hui Yun.

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