Saturday, November 16, 2013


Sponsored Advertorial
Back for my regular visit at Essensuals Bugis!!!! This time, they've brought in a new treatment to the salon, called the Privy Protein Treatment. Here's some pictures about the process:
Some pictures of my hair before the treatment started. My hair appears more orange-y in this picture, but it's suppose to be kinda reddish brown. It is still in the softest and healthiest condition I've ever had (if you remember my old big golden mane). 

About PRIVY PROTEIN Treatment
Natural hair relies on a balance of proteins, nutrients and oils to support healthy roots. Our hair is approximately 91% protein. Harsh chemical treatments like perming, dying, or large exposure to sun rays, pollution and lack of proper hair care might lead to breaking up hair chains, and losing of protein, resulting to brittle and dull hair. Since the hair is made up of protein, it would only make sense to treat and replenish your weak and brittle hair with the sufficient protein! 

Overly damaged hair cause by chemical treatments (dying, perming, bleaching) like mine, cries out for protein!! It explains why my hair can easily break off just by combing or tugging. Sharon, my hair stylist, told me that in a short course of approximately 4 protein treatments, you can revive your dead hair by replenishing the natural protein level in your hair. So here's the procedure to the protein treatment: 
Three basic steps for the treatment. Beginning with a gentle wash. 
Second step, Enrich Serum. Applied onto hair and steamed for 10 minutes. 
Third step is the Hold Cream for Moist Hair Type. Applied onto hair and set for 10 minutes. 
After blow drying my hair! It's shooooooooooo soft. 
You can scroll up and compare it to the 'before treatment' pictures. Couldn't stop touching my hair. 
Btw, if you didn't know how my stylist look like, this is her. 
Thank you Sharon and Essensuals Bugis for bringing life back to my horrible hair. I remembered how big and frizzy my hair was when I first walked into Essensuals Bugis and look how different it is now! I've never expected to have soft silky hair like some girls that I see on the train. So touched that Essensuals Bugis put in so much effort to revive my hair!! Thank you! 

Privy Protein Treatment is included in this Novemeber Promotion!! 
If you have big frizzy damaged hair like how I used to, then give the Protein Treatment a try!! Replenish all that protein that your hair need and revive it! For more information, make a trip down to:
241A Victoria Street, Bugis Village, SIngapore 180 030
To make an appointment, call 633 0039
My hair is done by Sharon. Quote 'Szes' or 'Szeli' when you do your hair at Essensuals Bugis
and enjoy a 10% off your total bill. 

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