Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Sponsored Advertorial
Anticlockwise was founded in 2013, aiming to bring you products that they personally love. Hence, customers can be assured that all their products are handpicked with love to offer you a wide variety of trendy and unique fashion choices. Anticlockwise will continue to strive to bring you a more pleasant and hassle-free shopping experience. I had the the greatest pleasure to work with them in their latest photoshoot as well as in this advertorial! I've picked the Drama Queen Flap Over Skirt and Pleated Top in Grey.
Drama Queen Flap Over Skirt by Anticlockwise
Jacket by Amber Avenue, Grey Cropped Top by Topshop, Clutch by Cotton On, Shoes by Stylem2ks.

When I saw this skirt during their photo shoot, I knew I had to get it!! Checkered skirts are now in huge demand but everywhere I see, it's the same checkered prints, same cutting, same colour. The Drama Queen Flap Over Skirt is so unique just by it's prints. I love how the colour simply matches with any item in my wardrobe too, it's so versatile. Major plus point for this skirt is it's material. It felt like I bought it from Topshop at $89.90, but it's actually from Anticlockwise at a really reasonable price. It comes with a inner lining too! Grab your Drama Queen Flap Over Skirt now before it's sold out!! 

Pleated Top in Grey by Anticlockwise.
Hat and Jacket by Jayjays, Skirt by Pearlmilktea, Clutch by Cotton On, Shoes by Stylem2ks.
Second favourite item by Anticlockwise is this basic Pleated Top in Grey, which comes in black, cream and navy as well. I love it so much that I've already wore it out four times within the last two weeks. It pairs so well with just a denim shorts, or if you feel dressy, you can match it with a black maxi skirt! Anticlockwise have just restocked the Pleated Top in Grey, hurry and grab yours before it's all sold out!! 

Two items from Anticlockwise wasn't enough! After picking out my choices during the shoot, I went online and purchased more!!! Even joined their mailing list for regular updates!! Anticlockwise is now one of my favourite web store to shop at! Make it yours too!!!! 

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