Thursday, October 10, 2013


I'm jobless but a free man right now. 
Feels so damn good to wake up in the morning, knowing that I can play with my dog as long as I like. Not squeezing with the other commuters in the smelly train. Planning every day with my friends who are also jobless or still studying. Left my job two days ago, gonna take a break before I get out there and look for a new job! Will promise to blog more during my free time okay!!!! So here's yesterday, at the gym with my springroll sister. 
It was my first time at a gym. SO NOOB RIGHT. 
I've never agreed with the idea of paying so much just to exercise. If you need exercise, just run around your neighbourhood. But after my sis took me to the gym, I totally understand why people would pay so much just to exercise okay. I so miss the gym already!! If money drop from the sky, I'll go sign up right now. 
Lunch at Breeks right after gym. We both love Breeks, not cause the food is awesome but because our mom used to bring us there when we were super young. Plus, when I ask for chilli, most restaurants would give me chilli flakes or tabasco sauce, which has no spicy-ness at all luh. I was sooooo happy when they passed me the bowl of chilli padi. WOOHOOO.... Everything just taste better with chilli padi. 

Off to dinner at Kudeta with my Mom and Sis. 

Tsk. I wanted to act chio act emo and cam whore alone, then this happened. 
Me OOTD. Haven't been dressing up for sucha long time. 

Ending off this post with my favourite picture of Loki. 
He look so......... clownish here. So goofy and silly. 
Such an unflattering, fat and ugly picture but its my favourite picture of you and I love you soooooo much. *hate you when you're super naughty