Tuesday, October 01, 2013


Brunch with the usuals, and our puppies. 
Teddy & Loki
 Hello, my handsome square head blur block chicken wing boy
 Walks like Dumbo the elephant, and carries that worried/lost face everywhere he goes.
 I love your ass so much, it's the cutest.
Feeding time!!
 Everyone is already full, except you right?! Batpig. 
You're the cutest goose on earth. 
'Bro's in trouble?! Steady, we go back him up'
HAHA, this picture is so cute luh. All our legs are synchronised. They look like they get along but noooo. I think they secretly hate each other, although we've been bringing them out together countless of times. 
 Dinner with my boyfriend's parents! 
 Had a small tiny slice from this Foie Gras, it was my first time trying k.
Don't understand why people like it so much, there's this smelly organ taste. :/
 My boyfriend's California cut steak. Looks damn raw. Gross.
 My salmon, which cost $63, but taste exactly like Aston's salmon. 
 At least this chocolate ice cream cake didn't suck. It was quite good! 
Chill with boyfriend and friends. 
Happy birthday Noel and Zora!! :>