Monday, October 14, 2013


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Another visit to Essensuals Bugis!!! I've always been looking forward to getting my hair done by them. 
Here's some pictures of my latest trip: 
Already extremely satisfied with my current hair condition. Although this picture doesn't show how soft it is, I gotta give them lots of credits for transforming my hay like hair (it literally makes a crisp sound when I squeeze my hair), into what it is right now. I've never had such soft hair. Told my hair stylist, Sharon, I wanted a new hair color. Kinda chocolatey-browny-reddish kinda colour. 
Protein Treatment
Right after a new coat of color, your hair structure tend to be a bit weaker. 
The protein treatment helps to rebuild your hair structure so it'll regain it's strength. 
Sorry if I said this a million times but my hair has transformed into such healthy and smooth condition since the first day I stepped into Essensuals Bugis. Unlike most bloggers who are blessed with good skin and hair, I am blessed with NONE. Horrible skin and horrible hair. Thank god Essensuals Bugis for helping me have such healthy hair again!!!!!

If you're unfortunate like me, have naturally frizzy hair, and you're wishing for a miracle to happen
Just make an appointment at Essensuals Bugis with my hair stylist, Sharon. She'll guarantee you smooth hair!!
Promotion starts from now till 31st October 2013. 

21A Victoria Street, Bugis Village, Singapore 180030
To make an appointment, call 6333 0039
My hair is done by Sharon. Quote 'Szes' when you do your hair at Essensuals Bugis 
and enjoy a 10% DISCOUNT OFF your total bill!
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