Sunday, September 29, 2013


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Tea for Three is an online store set up by three sisters (hence the name!). Their addiction to scrolling through online stores and Instagram #OOTD feeds provided them with the motivation and inspiration to set up their own store where they aim to bring in fresh and street-chic clothes that teenagers and young adults can wear to school or work! Whether you're into crazy cool prints and patterns, or the minimalistic look, Tea for Tree hope that you'll always find an outfit that you like at their website! Iggy Blue Pants sponsored by Tea For Three.
I love jeans. But jeans are just too tight and rough that it creases my skin. So welcome to loose, baggy and the comfort max Iggy Blue Pants!! It sure is slouchy, but definitely not unflattering. I know how baggy pants can make your ass look really huge and pampers-like, but not for the Iggy Blue Pants as it is high waisted, and slightly slim fit. You can wear it as a formal work outfit, or casually with sandals and a tank top!! It comes in three colors at Tea For Three so you better stock up the perfect pair of comfortable baggy pants!! 

Lots of awesome apparels at Tea For Three, another one that I got from them was the Get In Line Dress! The dress is also another perfect definition of comfort and style. You can also wear it as a formal, or casual wear. For more versatile pieces that are absolutely comfortable, view their latest collection:

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