Saturday, September 07, 2013


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Trip down to Essensuals Bugis again!! 
This time I did a major change okay, you'll see as you scroll down. 
Here's a picture of my hair just before any treatment started, didn't even blow dry or anything okay. I cannot stress how much I already love my hair after the Anti Frizz Treatment I did two months ago. It's still so soft and healthy. I've never had such good hair since I was introduced to hair dye when I was in Primary 5. Haha! 
 Hair ends looking a little bit dry already, but still the best condition I ever had. 

So this trip down, I did a treatment for my scalp. It's called the Nioxin Scalp Treatment
I've recently been really into taking good care of my scalp cause, you know, healthy scalp means healthy hair! 
 Settled down in the newly renovated room, specially made for this scalp treatment!! Sharon, my new hair stylist did a scan for me. I soooo love scanning myself. It's so fun to see how disgusting your scalp is.
 As expected, my scalp was really really oily, you can even see droplets of oil on the hair strains. 
 This picture shows signs of thinning. One weak and thin hair strain in between two thick and healthy hair. 
 Applying the Dermabrasion Treatment! 
 After a hair wash and massage, it feels like I have the cleanest head in the whole wide world. 
Bryan trying to use my camera and annoy me. Sharon insisted I cut off my hair ends for healthier hair growth. For the sake of healthier hair, I shall bear with having shorter hair for the time being! 
And tadah!! I'm not very used to it, but my boyfriend and friends said I look better with short hair and more awake. I feel like Toto Chan. If you're interested to know more about the Nioxin Scalp Treatment , here's some basic information about it: 

Nioxin Scalp Treatment
is the 11- time award winning solution for thinning hair.
This hair treatment is targeted for anyone with scalp problems, for example 
- Fewer growth of hair strands
- Finer hair strands
- Unhealthy scalp environment for hair to grow from

Nioxin has found inspiration in skincare to supply advanced treatment for thinning hair. As an extension of facial skin, the scalp requires the same attention and care, and our range of products are designed to strengthen, nourish and repair hair from its foundation. Because scalp health creates hair health, this delivers hair with thicker, denser appearance. It reduces hair loss due to breakage, delivers denser looking hair, amplifies hair texture, strengthens resilience of hair against damage, removes clogged hair follicles from scalp.  

Another hair treatment that I absolutely love and cannot stop bragging about the is
From the golden mane (bottom right) which was horribly bleached, dyed and permed till no liveliness was left, to dark soft bouncy hair. If you girls have extremely frizzy and unmanageable hair like mine, you should really give the Anti Frizz Treatment a try. 

If you're looking for hair assistance, then make a trip down to: 
41A Victoria Street, Bugis Village, Singapore 180 030
To make an appointment or for more details, call 6333 0039
My hair is done by Sharon. Quote 'Szes' when you do your hair at Essensuals Bugis
and enjoy 10% DISCOUNT OFF your total bill. 
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