Saturday, September 28, 2013


Sponsored Advertorial
Afterglow is a simple pre-order concept store born from the hope of affordable clothing for all, and Afterglow tried to keep all their prices below $25!!! Here's what they sponsored me:
Oversized Boho Crossed Back Top
I've been looking for a white shirt like this forever and finally found it at Afterglow!!
The apparels at Afterglow are just too amazing.
Uneven Hem Bohemian TankSling Bag in Light Denim
Isn't the Bohemian Tank top gorgeous? I didn't even see any similar ones at other pre-order sites, not even in Korea. The denim bag on the other hand in extremely popular in Korea, when I was there. Why not right? Denim is so versatile, it matches with ANYTHING. I've already used the bag countless of times!! 

When I sent in my picks for the advert, I was so excited to receive my parcel because their items are just too gorgeous! It's like shopping at Korea but through a website. PLUS, the items are all so affordable, everything is below $25!!!  If you're a student, you definitely gotta shop at Afterglow!! Their pre orders closes every Friday, so orders sent in will reach you faster!! They also update New Arrivals every 2 weeks (YAY). LOVE AFTERGLOW SO MUCH.

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Afterglow frequently updates with GORGEOUS yet affordable items, so check out their website now!!
Follow them on Instagram (@shopafterglow) for special Instagram promotions only!!