Sunday, September 29, 2013


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Tea for Three is an online store set up by three sisters (hence the name!). Their addiction to scrolling through online stores and Instagram #OOTD feeds provided them with the motivation and inspiration to set up their own store where they aim to bring in fresh and street-chic clothes that teenagers and young adults can wear to school or work! Whether you're into crazy cool prints and patterns, or the minimalistic look, Tea for Tree hope that you'll always find an outfit that you like at their website! Iggy Blue Pants sponsored by Tea For Three.
I love jeans. But jeans are just too tight and rough that it creases my skin. So welcome to loose, baggy and the comfort max Iggy Blue Pants!! It sure is slouchy, but definitely not unflattering. I know how baggy pants can make your ass look really huge and pampers-like, but not for the Iggy Blue Pants as it is high waisted, and slightly slim fit. You can wear it as a formal work outfit, or casually with sandals and a tank top!! It comes in three colors at Tea For Three so you better stock up the perfect pair of comfortable baggy pants!! 

Lots of awesome apparels at Tea For Three, another one that I got from them was the Get In Line Dress! The dress is also another perfect definition of comfort and style. You can also wear it as a formal, or casual wear. For more versatile pieces that are absolutely comfortable, view their latest collection:

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Saturday, September 28, 2013


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Afterglow is a simple pre-order concept store born from the hope of affordable clothing for all, and Afterglow tried to keep all their prices below $25!!! Here's what they sponsored me:
Oversized Boho Crossed Back Top
I've been looking for a white shirt like this forever and finally found it at Afterglow!!
The apparels at Afterglow are just too amazing.
Uneven Hem Bohemian TankSling Bag in Light Denim
Isn't the Bohemian Tank top gorgeous? I didn't even see any similar ones at other pre-order sites, not even in Korea. The denim bag on the other hand in extremely popular in Korea, when I was there. Why not right? Denim is so versatile, it matches with ANYTHING. I've already used the bag countless of times!! 

When I sent in my picks for the advert, I was so excited to receive my parcel because their items are just too gorgeous! It's like shopping at Korea but through a website. PLUS, the items are all so affordable, everything is below $25!!!  If you're a student, you definitely gotta shop at Afterglow!! Their pre orders closes every Friday, so orders sent in will reach you faster!! They also update New Arrivals every 2 weeks (YAY). LOVE AFTERGLOW SO MUCH.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I know I did and it's all thanks to AMPed and Gushcloud for giving me the tickets!!!! 
This year is extremely special and important to me, cause THE KILLERS ARE FRIGGING PERFORMING!!!! You have no idea how long I've been in love with them and their music. I can still remember the very first song of their's that I heard. I was 15 years old, in my art class, when their song 'When You Were Young' was playing on the radio. Waited 8 friggin years and I finally got to see them live. How not to freak out!!! Couldn't emphasise how grateful I am to AMPed and Gushcloud. Thank you so much!! 
Oh brandie, can I have that shirt of yours for Christmas? No need wash! :> 
I was so far away cause we were all late for the concert. Was quite upset that I had to see him through a screen. Would have been better if I can see him in 3D, live, moving and all. 
Ok, at about this point I was super drunk already. That's my spring roll sister btw.
The Killers will always be awesome. Please come to Singapore every year so I can watch you guys perform again!! :>

If life's a concert, get the best seats in the house with AMPed. Dip into a mammoth repository of over 5 million songs any time, any where and fill your mobiles, tablets and desktops to the brim with all the music you want. All for FREE!! For more information, or to download the app, visit

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Just chilling with Toby. Was lying on the sofa waiting for Char and Nic to be done, 
then Toby climbed up to sofa to sit with me! Such a sweetie pie. 
Went home to walk Loki, who ironically didn't wanna walk, just sat on the floor. Shooo cute this boy. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013


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Just like everything big, RAD POPSICLES started off with a simple yet ambitious idea. They understood that the great West has a prodigious influence on fashion trends but the difference in build and culture, it isn't always a perfect fit for those closer to home! Hence, at RAD POPSICLES, they would want to bride that by bringing you designs that are tad bolder, a step away from the conventional and still complimentary.
RAD POPSICLES sponsored me the West Coast Tank Top:
Pardon my super messy hair and missing shoes. I wore the West Coast Tank Top to a The Killers concert and was super drunk when these photos were taken. Couldn't emphasize how much I love this tank top. Not only because it was perfect for the concert occasion but also because it's so light weight and flowy. I can pair the West Coast Tank Top with a grey maxi skirt and wear it to town!! 

Simple can sometimes be a bit boring but RAD POPSICLES brings in apparels that are simple yet edgy, definitely not boring. For more information and apparels from RAD POPSICLES,

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Sunday, September 15, 2013


It was so much fun! Got to meet some of our readers, and also some blogshop owners who were super duper nice to us! Bought us drinks and even came over to take photos together. ^^