Thursday, August 08, 2013


 Are you experiencing break outs and acne problems? 
Tried many anti blemish products but it dries up your skin so bad and damage it even more??

Fred not!!! 
Cause you can now fight acne with the power of Tea Tree!! 
Introducing you The Body Shop Tea Tree product range! 
Tea Tree has super cleansing power that is tough on blemish causing bacteria but soft on the skin!
Here are some reasons why tea tree can help you!

- A Triple Blend Superstar
The Tea Tree skin care range is formulated with a potent triple blend of active ingredients that work together.
- Organic Tea Tree Oil
Used for centuries, tea tree oil is known for its infection fighting properties and for soothing and refreshing the skin. 
- Lemon Tea Tree Oil
An antiseptic ingredient that is known to soothe skin.
Organic Tamanu Oil
Reputed to have an incredible capacity to encourage health skin renewal.
 Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash 
Used in the day. The natural tea tree scent perks me right up in the morning! 
It is powered by skin clearing tea tree oil, one of nature's potent anti-bacterial. At the same time, it is enriched with a cocktail of Community Fair trade ingredients - Marula Oil from Namibia and Soya Oil from Brazil that smoothes and soothes skin! Apart from all that, it also has a hint of menthol for that cool refreshing sensation! 
 Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Daily Scrub
Used in the night, after removing my make up, it gently exfoliate my skin, leaving no make up traces behind! 
Contains exfoliating micro fine beads that unclogs pores and gives softer skin! 
 Tea Tree Oil
And of course the hero product, the Tea Tree Oil itself! I apply onto my pimples after every wash!
It targets solution to help clear blemishes quickly and effectively without over drying the skin. Renowned for its anti bacterial benefits, the tea tree oil also helps to soothe blemished skin!!
After One Week, 
skin is minty fresh without the discomfort of dryness. Acne has healed! 

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