Saturday, August 10, 2013


Korea Day One | Checked in IP Boutique Hotel | Dinner at Hannam Dong | Nap | Stylenanda at Hongdae | 
Late Night Shopping at Dong Dae Moon
Val bought us mini yellow neck cushions for the flight.
We stayed at IP Boutique Hotel at Hannam Dong. 
Good ambience, interior design was very modern. Their service was excellent as well. The only thing I was quite pissed was, on their website they stated that they provide airport transfer services. But when we arrived at the airport, we realised their 'airport transfer service' was just a friggin public bus. 
Val's first meal in Korean. I didn't eat anything cause I was quite full from the airplane meal. 
Loots for day one. Regretted not buying more jeans and cosmetics. Their jeans cutting is so slim and perfect!! 
Omg I love this pudding the most!!!!!! Do we have it in singapore? 

Korea Day Two | Lunch | First Train Ride in Korea | Myeong Dong
Free dish from the restaurant!! :> 
Loots for day two!! 
Val took damn long to adjust her mask okay. Mine look damn crumpled luh. 

Korea Day Three | Lotte World | Late Night Shopping at Dong Dae Moon
Sucha memorable trip to lotte world. Finally faced my fears and took a few rides with val. 
Pathetic loots for day three. 

Korea Day Four | Korean BBQ
Loots for day four. 
This is the best cheese cake I ever tasted man, it's from coffee bean. I tried Singapore's coffee bean cheese cake and it's nothing like the korea's coffee bean one. 

Korea Day Five | Stylenanda at Hongdae | Flight back to Singapore!! 
This restaurant had a free beverage day!! All drinks are freeeee! 
Last picture of korea!