Sunday, August 04, 2013


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Yay!! Finally another month passed and I can head down to Essensuals Bugis for my regular hair treatment again! I'm always looking forward to heading down cause my hair stylist, Isabel, is just so damn awesome. It's like having a friend to do my hair for me, and she reads my mind so well. She knows exactly what I want!!! Kay, so here's some pictures!!
 Already so in love with the previous Anti Frizz Treatment that Isabel did for me. My hair is PERMANENTLY soft okay!! Usually Val will laugh at my hair every time I let it down, cause it's just so VAVAVOOM. But now it just falls so softly in place. :> 
  Oh so soft. This is even before any treatment started okay! 
The power of the Anti Frizz Treatment is just so amazing. 
 Since my hair was already 95% of what I dreamt of, I just went there to did my regular touch up of color and a hair treatment. Anyway, Isabel always manage to match the perfect colour for my black roots. They always blend so well with my left over color!
 Japanese Spa Treament that I've been raving about!! 
... and TADAH! 

Anyway, if you didn't catch my Anti Frizz Treatment blog post then here's some tiny details about it. 
It basically turned my hair from 
I didn't even blow dry it or anything. Just left it to dry naturally after I washed my hair. 
This is probably one month plus after I did the Anti Frizz Treatment and it's still so soft. 
So glad that Essensuals Bugis, Bryan and Isabel came into my life and rescued my mega fried hair. 
Thank you Essensuals Bugis!!! 
If you're looking for hair assistance, then make a trip down to: 
241A Victoria Street, Bugis Village, Singapore 180030
To make and appointment, or for any enquires, call 6333 0039
My hair was done by Isabel. Quote 'Szes' when you do your hair at Essensuals Bugis
and enjoy a 10% DISCOUNT OFF your total bill. 

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