Monday, August 26, 2013


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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


If you're not aware, I've been facing skin issues since I was like in Secondary school? The very moment I entered into adolescence *POOM*, my acne started bursting. I tried visiting several doctors, and they did cure my acne but it was only temporary. I then started to go for facials, and my skin did improve A LOT, but still no where near perfect. And today, I have an awesome facial place to recommend to you girls!! 
I've always envied girls that have naturally awesome skin. Their make up just melts into their skin! Mine always look like friggin sandpaper. So sick of having to apply make up to cover up!! 

Before beginning with the facial, Asian Skin Solutions will first specifically analyse your skin type. So they can customise a facial that is suitable for you! Unlike most facial places that only provide same facial treatments for everyone. 
This is Jade. She was so kind to share with my the correct skin care regime that I should be doing at home. Her skin has no pores okay.  Let's start analysing!! 
 I love love love analysing so much. It's like getting your results after an examination. I'll finally know if my hard work has finally paid off, or which products I can throw out!! 

These are the various factors that will be revealed:
1. Moisture Level in U-zone and T-zone
2. Wrinkles & Pores
3. Pigmentation
4. Sebum
5. Collagen

 Unfortunately my skin sucks!! 
My moisture level was 50, ideal is about 60? My pores are huge. I don't really have wrinkles yet, which is okay. And some pigmentation has already started on my skin. I'm only 23 and I have pigmentation. T.T
 She also analysed the collagen level on my face (top left rectangle), neck (top right rectangle) and hand (bottom left rectangle). The last rectangle on the bottom right is Jade's hand. 

The more grids you have, the higher collagen level there is! Zomg loh, my face is totally horrible. Before she told me about the grid thing, I was happily thinking, okay maybe my face is the smoothest cause I paid most attention on my face. 
SUCH A DISAPPOINTMENT OKAY. Look at Jade's hand, the grids are soooo visible. 
I don't care, I'm going to bath in collagen everyday.

Without collagen, our skin is more prone to sagging and fine lines, because collagen helps to hold the skin together. If you've been drinking collagen drinks, and hoping it will improve your facial texture, then it most likely won't happen because we can never control how collagen is distributed in our body. 

Jade then showed me to my room!!
 So pretty in pink! 
 Got changed and snapped a few pictures.

Beginning the facial treatment!! 
 1. Remove
 Started off by removing my make up gently. I had fake lashes on, and the therapist was super gentle with removing them. She asked me how do I usually remove my lashes, and I told her I just rip them out loh. Then she started lecturing me about how much I am harming my lids. Haha. 
2. Double Cleansing
My skin was cleansed twice to make sure all the makeup and oil is gone!
 3. Scrub
A gentle exfoliation to get rid of all dead skin on the surface of my skin. 
 This is a picture of my naked skin. I have some tiny acne here and there, and patches of redness on my cheeks! Jade said it's because my skin is extremely sensitive. 
4. Steaming
Steaming my face to open up my pores, so that my skin can absorb all the ingredients better! 
3. Soothing Mask
Mask was applied on my face for to soothe my skin! 
 4. Repairing Collagen 
I love this part the most!! It was soooo relaxing. The collagen gel was so smooth and calming. It gave the most drastic results! Above was during the therapy....
 ... and this was after the Repairing Collagen Therapy. Two major difference that I saw was the red patches on my face was reduced by a lot, and also my cheeks were lifted and looks less saggy and puffy! Can you see?! I didn't photoshop it at all luh!! 
Hope my skin did me a favour by absorbing 50 years worth of collagen. 
 Heh. This is just for laugh. Totally smashed.
 This was right after the therapy!! 
Thank you Asian Skin Solutions for having me!! I enjoyed the analysing and collagen treatment the most!! 
 So why Asian Skin Solutions? 
As their name suggest, they are specialised in Asian skin only. They do reject caucasian customers okay, cause the treatments are strictly customised for asians only. We do see commercials of how different asian and caucasian hair is, same goes for our skin. 

Asian have: Open pores, Pimples, Scarring, Dehydration, Pigmentation
Caucasians have: Dry skin, Wrinkles, Sensitive skin, Freckles


for 1 Silky Milk Facial Treatment + 1 Sparkly Eyes Treatment (U.P. $788)

Face, Neck, Shoulder, Head massage (it is heavenly okay). 

To participate, simply
Leave your personal details HERE
or call 6767 0077

Terms and conditions apply*
Strictly 18 years old and above only. Strictly by appointment only. Promotion valid for 2 months.


Parkmall: 9 Penang Road #11-04 Singapore 238 459
Bugis Village: 154 Rochor Road Singapore 188 425

Sunday, August 18, 2013



Hey shopaholics! 
If you're here, it obviously means that you're bored! Here's something to kill your boredom! By doing some SHOPPING! Once again, I have a awesome website to introduce to you girls, and that's 

Mod-rose was created by 2 girls with the love for fashion and hopes to present everyone with unique and exclusive style. Items are sourced from all around the globe! Be surprised by what they have in store for you! No more clashing of clothes with another girl across the street as Modrose brings in apparels in limited quantities so do grab them fast!! Here are some of their styles: 

With a modern & edgy flair, Mod-rose hopes to provide an inspiration for you fashionistas who loves to pull off interesting, effortlessly stylish looks!! Mod-rose is definitely a desirable shopping location if you need colors to brighten up your everyday outfits!! 

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Monday, August 12, 2013


They were damn pissed at the questions posted on, saying that 'thought you were close with the Modparade girls? They didn't bother celebrating for you?'
So pissed that they wanted this picture to be up on my blog as evidence. Why go around doubting people's friendship. How does it help you in life? Does it make you feel happier? Pfftt... 

Saturday, August 10, 2013


 Oh Gingy.
When my boyfriend's family first adopted Gingy, he was only 2 years old. Now he is a grown man, already six and a half years old. After I bought Loki, we seldom hangout with Gingy, all the attention was on Loki. We used to bring Gingy out everywhere, but now's Loki's turn and poor Gingy's always home. Finally got to bring Gingy out, realised he lost weight and aged a bit. I still love him so very much. After all, he is the very first dog that I fell in love with.