Thursday, July 11, 2013


Sponsored Advertorial
Patterned Fringe Top in Cream and Monochrome Floral Highwaist Shorts sponsored by All Would Envy.
Founded in 2013, All Would Envy is an exclusive online retailer of quality, affordable and chic clothing for the bold and fashion-conscious women. We offer multi dimensional collections that are reflective of the latest trend. These are the two gorgeous items that they've sponsored me:
Patterned Fringe Top in Cream
The very day I received this, I already wore it out like 3 times? I absolutely love everything with fringe and this top is just so versatile!! You can view more detailed pictures of the it HERE! 
Monochrome Highwaist Shorts
I've been looking for a shorts like that for such a long time!! And I was so happy when I saw this on their upcoming collection preview!!!! The monochrome floral prints are just too pretty!!

Apart from these two sponsored items, I ended up shopping for clothes at All Would Envy cause they bring in not only work clothes but casual clothes as well!! All Would Envy will be uploading a huge collection of items this coming Wednesday!!! So do look out for it!!

Customers that are spotted wearing AWE apparels and tagging @allwouldenvy #AWESOME, will receive a 5% OFF next purchase order. Vice versa for those posting on Facebook, posting their OOTD on the wall and linking to their website!!

Upcoming giveaway with Yventually vouchers, details to be announced on Facebook and Instagram or join their Mailing List to receive the latest news and updates!! Remember to stay tuned!!

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