Sunday, June 23, 2013


Sister and happy Loki.
This is Loki's super cute ass. 
By the way, if you don't already know, I bought a 5 months old French Bulldog like a week ago. I cannot believe I spent two thousand over dollars to buy a burden back. It's like taking care of a baby! For the first few days I really broke down man, I was so exhausted by taking care of him, he was shitting all over the place and puking too. I have one full time job, and two part time jobs, and now I am also a fulltime 'Mom' to Loki. I cried for several nights, even had the thought of giving him away. I guess I was like those typical kid that only thought about the fun part of having a dog. No, actually I did thought of the million chores I had to do, but I always thought I was good at doing chores and I'd like it. Apart from the chores, I had to give up my own personal life and rush home everyday after work to take care of him. No more staying over at my boyfriend's place, or meeting up with my friends for dinner. Stupid Loki you better appreciate what I gave up for you. 
But it's been a week plus now, Loki is starting to warm up to my family, and I love him like crazy. Slightly naughtier than before, but almost 80% toilet trained. My stress level toned down alot and I start to giggle at him doing silly things.  Any Frenchies owner reading this? Drop me some tips!! Cause I heard that they get quite aggressive as they start to mature. Silly boy, can you be a baby forever?