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Wednesday, June 26, 2013


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This post is for all your girls with unmanageable and frizzy hair!! The solution does exist!!! 
Went down to Essensuals Bugis for my regular touch up of color, treatment and hair cut. Was asking my hair stylist, Isabel, if I should change my hair style. I'm sick of my frizzy thick half curled up hair, and told her if I should have it rebonded (cause I thought that's the only way to have fake smooth hair). 
She said I wouldn't look good with flat straight hair, and then introduced me to Anti Frizz Polish Hair Treatment. Isabel said that the Anti Frizz Polish Hair Treatment is kinda like straightening your hair but with treatment included in it, so it's less harmful and it gives a natural healthy bouncy look. You can have straight hair without the flatness from rebonding it!!  I was so excited for the end results. Here's a picture of me walking straight right out of the salon: 
My hair look so damn healthy now. And because it's no longer dried up, the brown kinda look less fried, and more vibrant. I didn't even touch up my hair color cause I was so satisfied with it after the Anti Frizz Polish Hair Treatment. I never thought I'll ever have such healthy looking hair without rebonding it.

And this is my hair few days after the treatment (approximately after ten washes). I let my hair dry naturally, which means I didn't blow dry it or anything, and it looks as good as the very first day after the  Anti Frizz Polish Hair Treatment!!
For certain days, I wanted to achieve natural and shiny wavy hair, therefore I braided my hair to sleep and woke up with beautiful waves on the ends of my hair!! Who said you can't have healthy and curly hair at the same time!!!

So grateful that Isabel introduce the Anti Frizz Polish Hair Treatment for me!! 
After years and years of yearning for smooth hair, I finally got it without rebonding!! Anyone with frizzy hair or suffering from seriously damaged permed hair should try this out!! If you'd like to know more details, do phone Essensuals Bugis for a quotation!! 

If you're looking for hair assistance, then make a trip down to: 
41A Victoria Street, Bugis Village, Singapore 180 030
To make an appointment or for more details, call 6333 0039
My hair is done by Isabel. Quote 'Szes' when you do your hair at Essensuals Bugis 
and enjoy a 10% DISCOUNT OFF your total bill. 
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Sunday, June 23, 2013


Sister and happy Loki.
This is Loki's super cute ass. 
By the way, if you don't already know, I bought a 5 months old French Bulldog like a week ago. I cannot believe I spent two thousand over dollars to buy a burden back. It's like taking care of a baby! For the first few days I really broke down man, I was so exhausted by taking care of him, he was shitting all over the place and puking too. I have one full time job, and two part time jobs, and now I am also a fulltime 'Mom' to Loki. I cried for several nights, even had the thought of giving him away. I guess I was like those typical kid that only thought about the fun part of having a dog. No, actually I did thought of the million chores I had to do, but I always thought I was good at doing chores and I'd like it. Apart from the chores, I had to give up my own personal life and rush home everyday after work to take care of him. No more staying over at my boyfriend's place, or meeting up with my friends for dinner. Stupid Loki you better appreciate what I gave up for you. 
But it's been a week plus now, Loki is starting to warm up to my family, and I love him like crazy. Slightly naughtier than before, but almost 80% toilet trained. My stress level toned down alot and I start to giggle at him doing silly things.  Any Frenchies owner reading this? Drop me some tips!! Cause I heard that they get quite aggressive as they start to mature. Silly boy, can you be a baby forever? 

Friday, June 14, 2013


Hey girls!! We can never bookmark enough pre-order sites on our web browser, simply cause pre-order items are just too gorgeous!! And they can never be sold out! Anyway, I'm here to introduce you to a new pre-order site!! It is SSURFACE!!
SSURFACE is a Singapore based online store that stocks shoes (by Soeurs@Cineleisure) and accessories! Add touches to your personality to your SSURFACE. Here's some of my favorite items from their latest arrivals:
The items are so gorgeous!! If you're into korean fashion, then you should definitely join SSURFACE mailing list right away because their clothes are all imported from Korea!! 
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Thursday, June 13, 2013


Gradient Tshirt sponsored by Wonderstellar!! 
Hello Loki baby. You look like a starfish. You also look like Simba from Lion King. Then my friend said you look like Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. Welcome to my home, and I will love you forever.