Thursday, May 30, 2013


Sponsored Advertorial
Stylem2ks was established in March 2009, since then, they have been striving to provide fashion forward young women with the latest fashion trends and unique runway styles. In Stylem2ks, you will be able to fulfill your greatest desires and cravings with their dynamic collection of shoes and accessories!! 

Stylem2ks sponsored me the Kraw Heels in Zebra which is so comfortable, here are some pictures of it: 
I am seriously not kidding about how comfortable it is. I wore it for clubbing, was standing up the entire night without my feet feeling sore or toes getting pinched. The heel height is just right, it is as comfortable as wearing flats. I have lots of heels that I seldom wear to work cause the height is kinda uncomfortable for me to walk in. But in these, I can wear them every single day! So glad that Stylem2ks sponsored me this pair of heels!
More photos of the heels: 
By the way, if you're a frequent reader of my blog or formspring, you'll spot me mentioning several times about Stylem2ks being my favorite shoe spree website. Since they started in 2009, I've already been shopping at their website till now!! About four years ago, I've even tried persuading Modparade to collaborate with Stylem2ks cause I was so in love with their wide variety of shoes. I can proudly say that 50% of the shoes on my shoe rack is purchased from Stylem2ks.

Out of all the shoe spree websites that I've ever seen, Stylem2ks has the most organized and user friendly website. I love shopping at sprees, but sometimes it's pretty time consuming to wait for all the pictures to load, but at Stylem2ks, shopping is a breeze! You can even track the status of your order online.

Last but not least, they update their new arrivals every week, on friday!! They have such a wide range of up to trend merchandise that every time I'm looking for a new pair of shoes, I can find them at Stylem2ks!  If you'd like to know more about Stylem2ks,

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Here are the simple steps to participate:

1) 'Like' M2KS Facebook Page or simply click any 'Like' buttons found in Stylem2ks site to show some love for M2KS.
2) Send your Stylem2ks username & quote 'SZES03' through private message to
M2KS Fan Page to receive your $3 voucher.*
*Terms & Conditions applies. Each username & Facebook account is only valid to 1 gift voucher.