Monday, May 06, 2013


 Modparade finally shifted our studio back to haji lane!! Yayyy!!! 
 So this is our studio, 
 and our changing room,
 and our shoes, 
 and some hats.
That's me preparing for the shoot!
 Nicky found this awesome place by the window that we can cam whore, and the pictures will turn out friggin awesome. We just... can't stop...
Only Char was very uninterested to cam whore. Got pulled in by me to take this shot. 
 Then more of Nicky and me.
 Not forgetting Modparade's little sweet heart, Toby!

Sunday brunch with my boyfriend at The Marmalade Pantry.
Bought this little ball of fur to put in my boyfriend's new car. ^.^ 

Charlotte found this little male Pomeranian at a void deck with a plastic bag of water tied to his neck. We're guessing he was abandoned, so we're trying to find a new home for him right now! His fur is a little bit unkept cause he was loitering around the rubbish bin area. Charlotte has already took him to a vet, and the vet says that he has no illness and no microchip was found.

Any kind soul would like to take him home?? Do email me at Thank you!