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As the tittle of this blog post suggest, you should know what I'm about to blog about today! 
I'm sure for many girls out there who have bust issues have probably already tried researching on different bust enhancement parlors. I'm extremely thankful to be invited to Tokyo Bust Express few days back and I'll be sharing with you every single detail that I've experienced there!!

The main issue for me was my bewbies are TOO DAMN SMALL.

It might sound a little superficial, but I'm sure many girls who are like me, will totally know how I feel. I'm 22 now, but without any boobs, I'll forever feel like a child, not at all a woman. Moreover, as you girls know, I'm a model for Modparade and there are certain kind of clothings that makes me feel really uncomfortable because of my washboard chest. Having a perkier bustline would firstly enhance one's confidence, allowing you to feel more like a woman, instead of a child. Secondly, you get to look better in different apparels, or even bikinis. 
So here's my full experience with Toyko Bust Express: 
The outlet that I went to was a Square 2 (Novena). It was so convenient cause it was very near town! They have several other locations at Park Mall, City Square Mall and Nex as well!
 At the waiting area to settle down for a few minutes before my session begin. 
Was served with some tea to quench my thirst while I wait.
After a short wait, we were led into a consultation room where Evonne gave us a full explanation on how puberty works. 
Many of us know that at the age of 16-21 is our golden puberty period where our body will transform into a woman. But after 21 years of age, our female hormones starts to go downhill and therefore you boobs stops growing. I was kind of skeptical on how they are gonna repeat the whole puberty process at first. Like anyone else, I thought that once you've past the puberty age, it will permanently be, as for me, SMALL FOREVER. But then mankind is always so fascinating in inventing, Evonne explained to me that in Tokyo Bust Express, it is a FULL 100% NATURAL bust enhancement program adapted from Japan. When your body stopped peaking, Tokyo Bust Express uses machines, massages and natural herbs to bring out the maximum potential that is hidden in you. 
 Boobs are made up of fats and mammary glands. There's nothing much that they can do about the fats that is already in your breast. But as for the mammary glands, Tokyo Bust Express can use machines to expand the mammary glands into it's maximum size, thus enlarging your breast size. And the benefit of having larger mammary glands is that when you slim down, the mammary glands will not disappear, and therefore, it doesn't affect your breast size.

As it is 100% NATURAL, many will be afraid if the results will slowly fade away. Fret not, as the
Once your mammary glands are expanded, it will not shrink back to it's original size. All you need is a little bit of patience, approximately around 1 month, maybe 5-10 treatments depending on individual, to see the results. As compared to cosmetic surgery or even pills, there are plenty of health disadvantages and consequences in the future. 

After the consultation, we headed into the private room to get our boobs reviewed: 
Cosy little room to let patrons feel calm and less awkward. 
Got changed into our robes!! Then Evonne got to see my bewbies. Hahahahahaha. 
Head back into the room where she explained our individual results to us. I had way too little fats but just the right amount of mammary glands, which is perfect for the treatment and I do not have to worry about saggy bewbies at all. My friend on the other hand had more fats than mammary glands. She mentioned about my chicken wing fats, called the second breast, on my armpits and told me not to worry about it as the machine and massages can push it back to the right spot. 

And so my treatment began: 
Eileen was my masseur for the day! Check out her watermelon bewbies. 
I love her so much and couldn't ask for a better masseur. We kept joking around and chit chatting like she was a friend of mine. Can't deny that I felt very shy initially but she made it all go away. She even tried to tuck me in like I was her daughter!! 
Here's the list of the treatment that I went through:

1) Collogen Scrub to remove any impurities in our skin so that the serums can be absorbed by our skin.
2) Push Up Machine to simulate mammary glands and shifting of second breast.
3) Toning Essence was applied to maximize the treatment and detox
4) Bust Up Therapy massage by Eileen.
5) Suction Therapy to push up the chicken wing fats that I have.

Out of all the treatments, I love every single one of it. But the most memorable one was the Bust Up Therapy massage by Eileen. It was quite painful but relaxing. You'll only know that the massage worked when you feel the pain! She did one side for me and told me to compare the difference. Once I looked into the mirror, I could see my chicken wing fats pushed back into the right spot and the shape differed as well! Tokyo Bust Express even won awards for their massage!

After the relaxing massage, Tokyo Bust Express presented me a flower and a serum for the after care. 
The serum included many different nature herbs that would aid in bust enhancement. Herbs like Fenugreek Seed Extract, Mexican Wild Yam Root, Hops Flower and Dang Gui Root. Everything at Tokyo Bust Express is external, no pills are required!

For more information, visit
Square 2 (Novena) 10 Sinaran Drive #B1-111 Singapore 307 506  

City Square Mall 180 Kitchener Road #B2-39 Singapore 208 539  
Park Mall 9 Penang Road #11-06 Singapore 238 459  
Nex Mall 23 Serangoon Central #03-32 Singapore 556 083  
HOTLINE: 6262 6161

Simply follow these simple steps and answer the following question enjoy the special treatment:

Q: Tokyo Bust Express bust treatments are 100% safe, natural and non-invasive
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