Monday, April 15, 2013


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Hey shopaholics, once again, I have a great online shop to share with you! It's Fabriek!!

Fabriek is an up and coming local online boutique with a carefully curated selection of exclusive designs ranging from apparel to shoes, bags and accessories. Featured on The Strait's Times' fashion weekly, Urban, last year, it has quickly become a favourite with a local and international audience. Definitely my favourite too!

They've generously sponsored me three items from their collection, a blazer, a clutch and a bag. I had a hard time narrowing down my choices as there were too many gorgeous stuff! Everything seem to suit me so well. These are the items that they've sent to me:
I can never get enough of over sized blazers, they look so good in both casual or formal styles. It also comes with shoulder pads to add that extra structure to your shoulders. Not forgetting the supreme quality, it comes with a inner lining, and the outer tweed material is not at all flimsy. The blazer looks like it is worth twice as much as it's current retail price at Fabriek. I absolutely love it!

Second item that they sent me, couldn't love it more, simply cause it's so damn pretty. An inspired piece by Jil Sander, comes with a magnetic clasp on the outside of the bag to create that fold over effect like a paper bag. Fabriek has it in five different colors, burgundy, black, beige, sliver and white. I love every design detail of it, from the material of the clutch to the fold over effect, and even the color. The interior of the clutch even has separators to help you organizer your things! 

Another Jil Sander inspired piece! Last item that they sent me, also my favorite! I've never seen it retailing at any other local online stores! I have one of this shopping bag in black, and i've seen other designs in different solid colors. But one that is made in a clear PVC with a brown artificial leather and cashmere blended sheep skin? Simply gorgeous! 

Many of the items from Fabriek's wide product selection are inspired by the runways, from the effortlessly chic Alexander Wang to the sleek sophistication of Celine and Jil Sander. 

With a wide range of versatile and unique designs that will fit right in as wardrobe staples, coordinating your perfect outfit for the day or night can now be completely fuss-free. Quality matters as well, which is why each piece is made from comfortable and lasting fabrics and materials - a difference you can feel in your hands. 
If you're into affordable and quality apparel and accessories, this is your one-stop shop! 
View their Latest Collection now!! 

They also have lots of pretty accessories, like Mineral Jewellery that is exclusive to Fabriek.
All items (with the exception of those in the Instock section) are on pre-order so that they can bring you a wider selection of products, and take about 10-14 days to arrive. Pre-orders closes every Thursday at midnight, so hurry and join the current batch to get your order as soon as possible!!! 
**Enjoy FREE local shipping with apparel purchases.**

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