Thursday, April 04, 2013


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My second trip down to Essensuals Bugis, you can view my very first blogpost HERE. Due to my very very busy schedule, I only manage to go back to Essensuals Bugis two months after my very first visit. I loved the hair treatment so much that I wanted to go back asap, but there's just too many things to do. But I'm glad that I finally did the hair treatment again!! Here's my experience: 
Walking up the steps to Essensuals Bugis.
Went there with beloved Val val!! Must take photo with natural lighting before we head up!!!
Yeahhhhh!!! Heading into the salon. 
My black roots are appearing, and the previous reddish brown dye that Isabel gave me have gradually faded cause I didn't take care of it. 
 Stupid Val said my hair reminds her of a lion's mane. 
Trimmed off some dried ends.
New coat of dark brown and a japanese spa hair treatment!
Tadah! Val and I with our very shoft hair.
A clear picture of my hair! 
Went home and took more shots of my hair! This time my hair is more of a black-red tone compared to the previous brown-red tone. I love how my hair looks reddish under strong sunlight, but when I'm indoors, it has that healthy black shine.

Usually I'm quite particular about my hair, and I tell my hair stylist what to do. But after meeting Isabel and allowing her to do my hair for the very first time, I now totally trust her with my hair. She came to me, look at my hair, told me what she's gonna do, and I agreed even before she could finish her sentence.

After the gorgeous new coat of color, Isabel did a Japanese Spa Hair Treatment to revive my damaged hair. Five days have past and my hair still feels soft and shiny!! She also trimmed my split ends and snipped a bit here and there to make my hair look light and less frizzy.

I'm extremely glad that after mentioning to Isabel about my ideal hair, she remembers it and work towards it for the two times that I visited Essensuals Bugis. I can't wait to go back soon for my next hair treatment!!!!
Thank you Essensuals Bugis!!

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