Monday, April 29, 2013


In the month of May, Essensuals Bugis will be 3 years old! And would like to thank their customers and supporters who made their 3 years possible by giving an anniversary promotion!! 

You can view my experiences at Essensuals Bugis HERE and HERE
- For every $80 spend in one raffle entry.
- All entry must be dropped in the drop box found in the salon.
- Winners will be selected on 2nd of June 2013 at Essensuals Bugis! 

For more information, visit 
241A Victoria Street Bugis Village Singapore 188030 | Tel: 6333 0039
Follow them on Instagram (@essensualsbugis) and 'Like' their Facebook Page too! 

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Caught Gingy's half yawning cramp face. I wanna pull his tongue out and make it into a toy. Why you shoo cute, why?!
"Prepare to give them the death stare so that they'll bring me out!!"
"Yay!! Finally can go for a walk!!"
"Oh my frigging god, something is wrong, don't think they are bringing me out?!?!"
"Damns. I'm the saddest dog."
Lunch and shopping with Zora and Wz. Can you believe I bought all of the items on the picture below at less than $100. 

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Hey girls! Do you, like me, love shopping at local online websites that has instocks because the items arrives within a week!! But is also a huge fan of spree items because the items are so much prettier and less commonly found in Singapore!! What if there's a one stop shopping website that has both spree and instock items available!! Introducing you Infinite Pixie!!

Infinite Pixie is an online fashion store based in Singapore focusing on womenswear. Founded in 2011 and solely run by Sera Lo. As of 1st January 2013, sprees are organized weekly with a minimum of 20 new arrivals and collections aimed to be launched fortnightly with new arrivals.

They look forward to bring in lots of awesome goodies for all girls out there who have a thing for fashion. With Infinite Pixie, you can now shop online with them in your own comfort zone and await your prezzies to be delivered to your doorstep!

Here's some of their Instock items:
Do check out their New Arrivals and Available items now! 

Here's what you can expect from Infinite Pixie's spree:
- Collections aimed to be launched fortnightly with new arrivals at reasonable prices.
- No Waiting Time for stocks to arrive under collections as they are all brand new ready stocks. 
- Products are also taken professionally in a studio for customer's viewing purposes.
- Your paid purchases will be shipped within 1-3 working days once payment is received and verified. 
- Up to 7 delivery methods available in Infinite Pixie when you shop online with them catering to different customers needs and expectations.

And here are some of their Spree items: 
They have Apparels, Accessories, Bags and Shoes all in one website! 

Here's what you can expect from Infinite Pixie's spree:
- Sprees to be launched weekly with a minimum of 20 new arrivals at pocket friendly prices!! 
- They use the FASTEST shipping method via DHL Express (Singapore) Pte Ltd till date so that you can receive your goodies as soon as possible!!
- Their prices under sprees are kept as minimal as possible catering to students who are on a tight budget.
- You will be well updated via mass email when you participate in a spree till your item(s) have been delivered or collected.

they ship to where ever you are as they provide worldwide delivery!! 

YES!! They are having 20% off all spree items from 25th - 30th April 2013, 11.30pm

Quote 'BONUS-SZES' for additional SGD$1 OFF your total bill (can be combined with their current 20% OFF PROMO) + FREE local normal shipping! Promotions will starts now till 14th May 2013, 11:30pm (GMT+8) and promotion is eligible for items under collections and sprees only.

Like their Facebook Page for juicy updates and weekly giveaways which you don't want to be the last to know!! 
Hurry now!! Visit their Instagram page too!! 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Love weekends like this, chilling with a bunch of dogs and soaking up all their cuteness. We brought Ginger the Chiwawa, Keira the Shiba Inu and Teddy the Poodle out on a date! There were so many dogs there, saw an extremely cute puppy Corgi and a pug. I've always wanted to get a pug, but still considering if I should get one since I'm so damn busy. Dates like these always end up with dirt on our pants, scratches on our laps and mud all over our ankles. 

Monday, April 15, 2013


Sponsored Advertorial
Hey shopaholics, once again, I have a great online shop to share with you! It's Fabriek!!

Fabriek is an up and coming local online boutique with a carefully curated selection of exclusive designs ranging from apparel to shoes, bags and accessories. Featured on The Strait's Times' fashion weekly, Urban, last year, it has quickly become a favourite with a local and international audience. Definitely my favourite too!

They've generously sponsored me three items from their collection, a blazer, a clutch and a bag. I had a hard time narrowing down my choices as there were too many gorgeous stuff! Everything seem to suit me so well. These are the items that they've sent to me:
I can never get enough of over sized blazers, they look so good in both casual or formal styles. It also comes with shoulder pads to add that extra structure to your shoulders. Not forgetting the supreme quality, it comes with a inner lining, and the outer tweed material is not at all flimsy. The blazer looks like it is worth twice as much as it's current retail price at Fabriek. I absolutely love it!

Second item that they sent me, couldn't love it more, simply cause it's so damn pretty. An inspired piece by Jil Sander, comes with a magnetic clasp on the outside of the bag to create that fold over effect like a paper bag. Fabriek has it in five different colors, burgundy, black, beige, sliver and white. I love every design detail of it, from the material of the clutch to the fold over effect, and even the color. The interior of the clutch even has separators to help you organizer your things! 

Another Jil Sander inspired piece! Last item that they sent me, also my favorite! I've never seen it retailing at any other local online stores! I have one of this shopping bag in black, and i've seen other designs in different solid colors. But one that is made in a clear PVC with a brown artificial leather and cashmere blended sheep skin? Simply gorgeous! 

Many of the items from Fabriek's wide product selection are inspired by the runways, from the effortlessly chic Alexander Wang to the sleek sophistication of Celine and Jil Sander. 

With a wide range of versatile and unique designs that will fit right in as wardrobe staples, coordinating your perfect outfit for the day or night can now be completely fuss-free. Quality matters as well, which is why each piece is made from comfortable and lasting fabrics and materials - a difference you can feel in your hands. 
If you're into affordable and quality apparel and accessories, this is your one-stop shop! 
View their Latest Collection now!! 

They also have lots of pretty accessories, like Mineral Jewellery that is exclusive to Fabriek.
All items (with the exception of those in the Instock section) are on pre-order so that they can bring you a wider selection of products, and take about 10-14 days to arrive. Pre-orders closes every Thursday at midnight, so hurry and join the current batch to get your order as soon as possible!!! 
**Enjoy FREE local shipping with apparel purchases.**

Follow them and join their Mailing List for updates and exclusive promotions.
Twitter: @fabriekshop
Instagram: @fabriekshop