Sunday, February 24, 2013


Booked a room at Studio M hotel for a staycation weekend since it's my boyfriend's birthday!
 Brought him to this Chinese restaurant at Clark Quay (above jumbo seafood restaurant) for dinner. The food was okay, service was fine too, though it was kinda over priced. But then the manager of the restaurant got into an argument with this family of four caucasians that totally turned me off. The manager mocked the family in front of all the customers just cause they said the restaurant was too over priced and they decided to leave. He kept saying 'go hawker eat luh'. Then when this thai family came in, he told one of the stuff 'thai people very rich one!', and was super friendly to them. I'm never ever returning to that restaurant cause the manager wait tables by his lousy judgement of how rich people are. 
 Roaming around Clark Quay waiting for his friends to come.
Studio M hotel's breakfast not nice one........... 
That's all for my weekend!! Can't believe the weekend past so damn fast, it's gonna be Monday again. Hope you had a great weekend!!