Saturday, January 05, 2013


Welcome to Nanyang Polytechnic!! 
Are you feeling lost and having difficulties on choosing your next life journey after your 'O' Levels?
It is an extremely important life changing decision which you'd like to make full commitment of researching before you decide! If you're in a dilemma, fret not, cause you'll get all your answers at Nanyang Polytechnic's Open House!! I went down for the first day of Open House and it was plenty of fun!! These are the things that you can expect at the open house:

1. The Goodie Bag 
When I entered the atrium, I was greeted with bustling entertainment and a booth of freebies!! Everyone loves freebies! Register at the registration booth upon your visit and receive a free goodie bag, chock-full of awesome surprises.

I kept one goodie bag for myself!! There are brochures that you'd need for the NYP tour, some stationaries, a fashion magazine, cosmetic samples and cash vouchers!! Hurry and grab yours when you reach NYP!! 

2. Early advantage with advice from Nanyang Polytechnic experts and lecturers (Block A, Outside Auditorium) 
I remember back then my mom accompanied me for consultations at various polytechnics, and those advice that I've gotten from the experienced lecturers was extremely valuable! They were extremely friendly and patient with listening to your ideas and helping you develop your dreams! So if you're heading down, don't miss the golden opportunity to talk to the experts!!

3. Win $50 H&M vouchers at the Wacky Photobooth / Redeem Chupa Chups
Want a souvenir of your fun visit to NYP? Then head to the Wacky Photobooth at the Atrium!
There's cute props and a professional photographer on-hand to help you commemorate your trip. Your photos will be uploaded to an app on NYP's Facebook Page. You can also stand to win $50 H&M vouchers if your photos has one of the highest votes. 

To participate, simply follow these three simple steps:

1. ‘Like’ NYP's Facebook Page 
2. Take a photo at the Wacky Photobooth
3. Get your friends to ‘Like’ the photo 
The top three photos with the most ‘Likes’ will receive a $50 H&M voucher.

Chupa Chup Redemption Counter
Fans of NYP are rewarded with free Chupa Chups lollipops!!

If you didn't know, I graduated from NYP's School of Design, Industrial Design. 
It was a pleasant studying experience at NYP. We were trained to be well prepared for the working environment, projects were given out exactly like how it would be in the office. The lecturers were strict but helpful as well. The amenities (computers and libraries etc) were adequate to aid us in our projects. I was excited to return back to NYP!! 

I'm so proud of the juniors from School of Design like Leon Yeo (Visual Communication) and Chan Wei Jie (Industrial Design) who have won many awards. It's easy to see why with so many awesome students work. I was deeply blown away by the portfolio that they've displayed on the wall. 
Here's my experience at NYP's open house: 

Introductions to all courses were located at the Auditoriam Lobby, Block A, Level 1.
Find our about their 50 diploma courses, all under one roof! Speak to lecturers and students who made NYP their choice! 

visited the School of Design (Block R)!! Feels like I've returned home!! 
  • Diploma in Industrial Design
  • Diploma in Space & Interior Design
  • Diploma in Visual Communication

Here's some information about the Diploma in Industrial Design
In this diploma, students are taught a mixture of 2D and 3D works. There are programmes like colour studies, product packaging, software training etc for the 2D. And as for 3D, students are taught 3D rendering, 3D software, product modelling etc. I felt that I've benefit a lot from my course as a 3D designer as I can now do perspective drawings and rendering! Here's a tour of the 3D design studio: 
Used to be my classroom in NYP! Each student has his or her own desk and PC! 
Perspective drawings of product designs. 
Mock ups mostly made by blue foam and putty! In Industrial Design, they'll train you how to do mockups like these! 

Here's some information about the Diploma in Space & Interior Design
During my batch, I worked with the Space & Interior students to design an airplane interior and won third prize in the school competition!! It was a awesome experience that I'll never forget. Here's a tour of the Space & Interior Design Studio: 
The design studio for Space & Interior Design. Each student is also allocated with a desk and a PC. 
Some outstanding models made by students. 
In Space & Interior design, students are also trained to build miniature interior models like these. 

Here's more information about the Diploma in Visual Communication
If you're thinking of going into advertising or packaging design, then Visual Communication is the course for you!! Here's a tour on the Visual Communication design studio: 
Design studio of the Visual Communication Course.
Look at all the creative collaterals that the students came up with. 

There are also ongoing events outside the School of Design and various amenities for the students: 
Flea market being held at the School of Design. 
There are many accessories, stationary items and apparels on sale! Do check them out!! 
A cosy space for students to relax and brainstorm for ideas!! 

My second stop was the School of Interactive & Digital Media (Block M)
  • Diploma in Digital Media Design (Animation)
  • Diploma in Digital Media Design (Games)
  • Diploma in Digital Media Design (Interaction Design)
  • Diploma in Digital Entertainment Technology (Games)
  • Diploma in Digital Visual Effects
  • Diploma in Motion Graphics &Broadcast Design
This year, I also visited the School of Interactive and Digital Media. They also have great courses that have produced last year's Worldskills Singapore Champion and the visual display at the National Day Parade
The design studio at the School of Interactive and Digital Media. Looks extremely cosy, there's even a sofa bed!

Comic Workshop
There was a ongoing comic workshop at the school of Interactive & Digital Media. Visitors of the Open House had a chance to experience how to draw comics! I think it's an amazing opportunity and it gives me an insight into how students work and learn! 
Some comic drawings and amazing character modelling by the Interactive and Digital Media students. 

Some of the exhibitions that caught my eye at the School of Interactive and Digital Media include:
1. Comic in Production in the Animation Lab: Block M Level 4 M406
2. Gaming Gallery Games Studio: Block M Level 6 M614
3. We Are Interaction Design: Block M Level 6 Lift Lobby
4. Digital Visual Effects Concept Studio: Block M Level 6 M623

I was amazed to see how well the Interactive and Digital Media students can draw! Their drawings were slowly turned alive with model makings as well as some computer editing. The students work were really professional, thus winning a huge number of awards! If you're thinking of joining the interactive media world, then NYP would be the right choice for you to truly showcase your talent. 

As mentioned, the food in NYP is extremely goooood!! And there are many amazing amenities for the students to enjoy! Many interesting things to see, eat and buy! Since I've graduated, NYP has developed much more.
 The food court at NYP, which has the famous Japnese food that everyone is raving about!! 
A new stall called The Oven has just opened, selling pizzas, and crepes. I heard that Subway is opening soon too!! 
The hangout places in  NYP are getting cooler too! 
There is also a Eco-friendly garden for students to relax and hang out at!
Performances at the atrium for some fun and entertainment! 
A mini pasa malam with a huge variety of food! 
Even the Library is now a place for you to study and also chill at the cafe!! 

There is also a new SHUTTLE BUS SERVICE for students!! 
As if it wasn't already great! I heard that NYP is expanding and upgrading its campus soon and there will be more student facilities coming our way soon! The class of 2013 will have the newest facilities to enjoy! How lucky!! 

Remember to visit NYP Open House on the 7th and 8th Jan from 11am to 6pm daily!!
For more information, visit their WEBSITE
or click HERE for more information about NYP's open house!! Visit their Facebook Page or their blog for more information as well! See you there!