Wednesday, December 19, 2012


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Made another trip down to Salon Vim again!! Yay!! My seriously damaged and dull hair needed some extra extra care from the experts at Salon Vim!
 Took some pictures of my side braided low bun hairdo before I take it off. 
 Who left their grass on my head?? Haha.
My hair was in such a bad shape, totally dried up! It even made a crisp sound when I scrunch it. 
 Touching up my black roots, as usual! I'd probably go for a darker shade on my next visit.
The hair dye only took approximately 8 minutes for the color to set in! I was so shocked because it was the fastest hair dye I've ever tried. The color turned out vibrant too!!
Pei was so kind to wait for me! 
My favorite Cocktail Hair Treatment
I love it because the Cocktail Hair Treatment analyses your hair's needs and specifically design a personal hair treatment to nourish your hair! Your stylist will allocate different dosage of treatments just to suit your hair condition, depending on color, dryness and frizzyness etc. 
Allowing my hair to soak up all the nutrients that it has lost. 
Allen gave me temporary straight hair for the day. I was soooo in love with it and was quite reluctant to wash it off. What do you think? Straight or curls? Half of my friends voted for straight and half voted for curls. Thank you Salon Vim for salvaging my hair!!

Anyway, Salon Vim is now even more accessible AT BUGIS!! If you need any hair assistance, or a consultation, head down to:
313 @ Somerset Orchard Road #04-07/08/09 Singapore 238895
Bugis @ 235 Victoria Street Singapore 188027
To book an appointment, call 6884 7757/6884 7767

Visit their Facebook Page for more information!
Quote 'Szes' and enjoy a 10% discount off your total bill.
My hair is done by Allen. Look for Allen as your hairstylist when you visit Salon Vim!