Sunday, November 18, 2012


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EatMyChic is pronounced as Eat My 'Sheeek'.

EatMyChic is all about happy clothes! They'd like to think of themselves as young, friendly & carefree people, doing away with the boring old corporate image that has little meaning to ya'll. There will be no philosophies in this; all you must know is that even though they are new, they're gonna be working their asses off to bring you the latest trends!! 

Blue Daisy Mickey Mouse Hoodie sponsored by Eatmychic.
Can't help but to fall in love with the Mickey hoodie top, it is so damn cute! I've already wore it to work the very day I received it, plus it is very comfortable. I love how bubbly and funky the clothes from EatMyChic is! I've already joined their mailing list!! Here's some of their apparels from the latest collection:
These are some of what have landed in store! Everything sold is handpicked with dedication, love, and a tinge of fun! They''ve got tote bags and tank tops that are 100% exclusive to EatMyChic! Best yet, they're pocket friendly! Get yours now at WWW.EATMYCHIC.COM

Oh yes, remember to 'Like' EatMyChic! They're on Facebook, where live updates on the store are constantly uploaded. The occational reposting of cute stuff from Tumblr & everywhere else are also available to intrigue your amusement. Last but not least, there are giveaways & fans-only contest!! So join them and 'Like' their Facebook page now! While you're at it, here's what's going on there now:
Don't miss a thing! Follow them on Facebook, Twitter (@shopeatmychic), Tumblr, Pinterest & Instagram (@shopeatmychic)! 


 How can we forget the source of chicness! Here's where you can sign yourself up for mailers, of which we call Chic Mail!! Click HERE or the image below to join their mailing list! 
Don't wait, get your EatMyChic fix at WWW.EATMYCHIC.COM today! Grow with EatMyChic, join in the fun! Shopping your worries b'gone!

With Love,