Friday, October 12, 2012


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Last Sunday I made my way down to Hollyhoque at Far East Plaza to pick out some apparels! The boutique is only four weeks old but it's already flooded with plenty of gorgeous apparels. I was spoilt for choices while picking out the items. For those of you who previously asked about how I'd dress to work, this post is for you! Hollyhoque brings in many different designs that is suitable for work!

Hollyhoque, pronounced as 'Holly-Hock', shall be every girl's dream wardrobe updater. With weekly themed launches aimed generally at fashion forward 16-35 year olds. Hollyhoque carries an extensive range of today's fashion at wallet friendly prices. Hollyhoque's apparels largely consists of uniquely manufactured items carrying it's very own in-house label and many other items sourced from practically all over the world! After having relinquished the livejournal platform and now nestling in the era of dot com with pride and joy, Hollyhoque is beginning another new chapter with a physical boutique located at Far East Plaza!
Stepping into the boutique!
Stunning photoshoot pictures done by Hollyhoque.
I love how neatly everything is arranged!! From blazers to shorts, vintage dresses to cardigans.
Plenty of dresses to choose from!
Shorts and skirts too!
Apart from office wear, they have neon colored casual shorts and tank tops too!
They bring in a wide range of shoes too!!!! 
Me being happy with my Hollyhoque parcel all wrapped up! 
Apparels are neatly protected and wrapped! 

I had a great time at Hollyhoque! The staff was really friendly, especially Sheila who is the owner of Hollyhoque! I'd definitely make a second trip down to shop for more office wears! The boutique had huge fitting room space for you to try on the outfits. It's a one stop place for you to shop, providing not only apparels, but also shoes and accessories.

Some outfit pictures of Hollyhoque's apparels: 
Sleeveless Polo Tee in White by Hollyhoque. For more information of the product, click HERE.

Weave Panel Knit Dress in Mustard by Hollyhoque. For more information of the product, click HERE.

Casual Slim Fit Blazer in Grey by Hollyhoque. For more information of the product, click HERE.

Can't decide which is my favorite cause I love them all!! The Grey cardigan comes in different sizes to fit you perfectly! Plus, it is not too thick, just nice for Singapore's humid climate. The Weave Panel Knit dress and Sleeveless Polo Tee and be worn both casually or formal, comes in different colors too! All three apparels are definitely comfortable.

If you're experiencing wardrobe malfunction every morning, you gotta make a trip down to 
Located at Far East Plaza, #01-31 
Visit their Facebook Page and Blog for more outfit photos, previews and promotional updates.

Quote 'Szes' and receive a 10% off your total bill!! 

Some pretty preview pictures of Hollyhoque's upcoming collection!