Monday, October 29, 2012


Desaru Day One Checked in hotel | Chilled by the beach | Dinner | Arcade Games | Firefly Tour
The Desaru resort was so huge that you gotta travel around by a buggy.
Checked into our room. It was really huge but the interior was quite old fashion, kinda like a chalet. 
Water theme park.
Wanted to try parasailing, but we didn't have time, tried jet sking instead.
The person at the background is actually falling into the water...
... and there he is into the water.
Some old school arcade games to kill time.
Went for the Firefly Tour. It was pathetic. I can't believe I paid 40 bucks to see nothing, and to make things worst, I came back with gazillion mosquito bites. 
That's the end of Day 1!

Desaru Day Two Chilled by the pool | Ice Cream & Fish Fingers | Jet Sking | Steamboat
Chilling by the pool. 
Some afternoon snack. Felt like a kid when they served me the ice cream with colorful sprinkles. 
Back to the pool after going for the jet ski ride!!
Steamboat for dinner!! Weehee.

That's all for the Desaru trip. Best part of the trip was trying out Jet Ski. After surfing in Australia, I reassured my huge phobia towards the sea. My poor boyfriend had to hear me scream into his ear everytime he tried to accelerate. I'm sucha mood killer. :/ 
Oh mondays... back to the office desk.