Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Isn't fiona so darn pretty? Can you believe she has totally no makeup on. 
 ... and if you're wondering who is this 15 year old teen, it's me without makeup, looking so much like scrambled eggs.
 She loves the camera!
 "It's the circleeee of life~ and it moves us allllll~"
Saw this little baby at Pet Safari. So darn cute! 
Came home to this much of awesomeness. 

Our plans to swim failed because of the damn rain, explains why my 'bra' is so fanciful, it's actually my bikini. Chilled at Starbucks instead, then annoyed some dogs at pet safari, and when to Fang's for dinner!! Anyway, I'm taking off my top braces tomorrow! Yay, totally looking forward to removing it, except the part where I have to have two injections for the gum reduction surgery. Wish me luck!