Monday, July 23, 2012


 The Modparade team surprised me with a cake half way through our photoshoot!! 
Deng deng deng... Fernnice's mom with the cake.
I was begging Fernnice to let me have my lunch break first but she kept saying she have to tie my hair. Then the cake popped in, which explains why my hair is in a mess., they were stalling time for the surprise! Sneaky little minxs, I love you all! I look kinda grumpy but I was actually really touched.
 Toby hates me...
... then he soon realised he wants a piece of that cake. 
 With Nicolette. Stupid Charlotte couldn't make it for shoot. I hate her. 
With Fernnice, Yudan and Tobyna.
Thank you Modparade for being so sweet to me for the past four years that I've been working with you all. Love you all!! 
... and this is a little something that I do during shoots when I feel a little 'banana-sexy'.