Monday, July 02, 2012


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Few weeks ago, I went to Simplicity Nails to get my Galaxy Gelish manicure done by Trina.
Simplicity Nails is a home based Nail Salon located in the west side of Singapore. Provides services like Express Mani/Pedi, Classic Mani/Pedi, Gelish Mani/Pedi and Acrylic Extensions.
 Cute interior of the Simplicity Nail Salon.
 Clean and tidy work space!
 Extremely good lighting for detailed and intricate drawing on nails.
 Wide range of OPI nail colour to choose from.
 Unique Gelish colour palette for you to choose from.
 Regular OPI and China Glaze colour palette.
Removing my old nail polish.
Filing nails to shape.
Was very impressed by the first coat of blue nail polish. The blue was extremely stunning! 
Tadah!! The end product! I was so impressed and definitely in love the Galaxy Gelish manicure that she did for me. 
I am still constantly admiring my nails. The best part of a gelish manicure is, it last for around 2-3 weeks! Yay!
Me being very satisfied and cam whoring with my new pretty nails.  

These are some of Trina's work that I love. You can submit a desired nail art picture to her and she'll do her magic by duplicating the nail art on your nails!

or view her Blog for more of her works. 
Simplicity Nails is located at Taman Jurong, Singapore 610322 or you can contact Trina at 8118 5274 for an appointment or a quotation now! Nail services ranges from $30 to $50