Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Yesterday evening I went down to NAFA's 3DD Graduation Show!
The Graduation Show showcases the final projects by graduating students from Environmental Design, Exhibition Design, Furniture Design, Interior Design, Jellewery Design and Object Design. 
The furniture design majors were privileged to work with a real client for their final year projects - renowned local furniture label, AIR Division and three outstanding pieces were selected to be manufactured and retailed at AIR boutiques.

Entering Gallery 1 & 2, displaying works of Environmental Design, Exhibition Design, Furniture Design and Interior Design. 
A huge crowd attended NAFA's Graduation Show.
Vast exhibition space to display student's work.
Exhibition design // Chinese Ink Heritage Exhibition
Interior design // Mspace
Interior design // Playseum
Looking at one of the many interesting portfolios, there are so many different ways to present your work.
Furniture design // Pebble Chair
Environmental design // Visitors Centre of Beijing // Revival Swimming Complex
Environmental design // Visitors Centre of Beijing
Environmental design

Entering the Lim Hak Tai Gallery, displaying works of 3D Design New Practice, Object Design and Jellewery Design.
Object design // Woodee Bag
Object design // Woodstock
Object design // Filled with _____ Series of Concrete Planters
Object design // R'fresh Series of Reused Waste Glass Bottles
3D Design New Practice // Tranq Chair
Jewellery Design // Mobile Garden
Jewellery Design // Ebouriffer 

I had a chance to speak to the three proud winners of the AIR Division competition for Furniture Design
Here are their works: 

First winner I got to speak to was Bernard Lee who designed the 360 Degree Swivel Coffee Table.
The 360 Degree Swivel Coffee Table is a double layer coffee table that has the ability to swivel. It is a conversational piece for gatherings as well as to comfortably accommodate large group of people in a sitting space, which is designed in the concept of gatherings to promote calmness. The second layer of the coffee table also serves as an extra storage space when it kept inside.
After twenty over mock up this is the final scaled down size mock up and life size prototype.
Bernard explaining to me the inspiration of his design. 
Presentation board for his product.

Next winner that I got to speak to was Rachael See who designed the 'HIDE' Armchair.
The 'HIDE' Armchair was designed for readers, like her, who likes a quiet space for reading. From the curves and height of the chair, you can see qualities like privacy, calmness and an undisturbed time alone. It's the perfect chair for reading as it also comes with a stylish magazine and newspaper rack. The 'HIDE' Armchair is my favorite design among the three winners as it clearly depicts the purpose and thoughts of the designer. 
 Life size prototype of the 'HIDE' Armchair
 Mockup of the 'HIDE' Armchair.
 Picture of Rachael and I with her product!

The third winner that I got to speak to was Felicia Ang who designed the Pino Shelf.
Pino (named after Pinocchio) shelf was inspired by the working adults lifestyle and what is needed for them. The idea behind Pino Shelf is to help users prepare and well organize for their everyday needs. 
Felicia explained to me that the main purpose of her design was to help females who likes to organize and preplan their outfit for the next following day. She mentioned that hanging an entire outfit might create clutter among the room therefore the Pino Shelf is a stylish yet neat way to organize your outfits. 
 Her namecard came in a very interesting form.
If you are a design student or an industry related person, you should definitely head down to NAFA's Graduation Show to view the artworks of the students. The works of the students are very professional and you can definitely learn a lot from their design passion and spirit. 

If you can't get enough of the 3D works of NAFA's students then you should visit their graduating show happening from now till the 6th of July:

Visit their WEBSITE for more information!!