Friday, July 13, 2012


Do you love traveling but can't because you're on a tight budget? Or are you a someone who loves to attend some good old rock and roll band concert but your favorite bands are hardly ever in Singapore? Well... Here's some good news for you!!

in the Gush2012 and stand a chance to 
win a 4D3N all expenses paid trip to San Francisco
to interview bands like 
HelloGoodbye, Mayday Parade and The Cab
and you get to bring a friend along!! 

Here's how you can participate in the Gush2012:
Step 1: Click HERE to register for an account, via Facebook or Twitter.

Step 2: Click on your 'Profile' Button located at the top right hand corner.

Step 3: You will be directed to the 'Join the Gush Chase' Tab.
Step 4: Choose between 'Music Act' or 'Influencer'
Music Act: Win an all expense paid 4D3N trip to San Francisco! The ultimate regional winner will be the opening act for The Cab, HelloGoodbye and Mayday Parade at Gush2012 San Franciso.
Influencer: Win an all expense paid 4D3N trip to San Francisco! Plus, he/she will get to cover the event on social media and interview acts like The Cab, HelloGoodbye and Mayday Parade!
*As a influencer, you must have an account on at least three of the following social media platforms: Instagram, Youtube, Blog, Facebook, Twitter.

Step 5: Input your details and click on 'Submit'.

Step 6: Read the 'How to win' details and download the e-flyer:

Now that you have downloaded the e-flyer, it's time to win the battle! Here's how:
Share the e-flyer on your social networks to tell the whole world that you are joining The Gush Chase!

Start posting things on your Gushwall to keep your profile interesting. The more you post, the higher chance of winning the Gush2012!! Don't forget to subscribe to other Gushers too! 

For more information about the Gush2012, visit their website:
The Gush Chase runs from 4th July to 6th August 2012! 

Influencer Competition: 
1st Prize: 4D3N all expenses paid trip to San Fransisco OR SGD$1,000 Cash
2nd Prize: SGD$550 Cash
3rd Prize: SGD$450 Cash
4th Prize: SGD$350 of products worth
5th Prize: SGD$300 of products worth
6th Prize: SGD$250 of products worth
7th Prize: SGD$200 of products worth
8th Prize: SGD$150 of products worth
9th Prize: SGD$100 of products worth
10th Prize: SGD$50 of products worth

Battle of the Bands Competition: 
1st Prize: 4D3N all expenses paid trip to San Fransisco OR SGD$2,000 Cash
2nd Prize: SGD$1,100 Cash
3rd Prize: SGD$900 Cash
4th Prize: SGD$700 of products worth
5th Prize: SGD$600 of products worth
6th Prize: SGD$500 of products worth
7th Prize: SGD$400 of products worth
8th Prize: SGD$300 of products worth
9th Prize: SGD$200 of products worth
10th Prize: SGD$100 of products worth