Monday, July 16, 2012


I was once again invited back to the Singapore Turf Club for the Emirates Singapore Derby event! I was so excited cause I miss the horses very much! It's my second time at the Singapore Turf Club, you can read about my first experience HERE. So here's the amount of fun I had at the Emirates Singapore Derby event!! 

@ The Marquee:
A place to have drinks, lunch and enjoy the race in a comfortable air conditioned ambience.
Magnificent view outside the Marquee.
Entering the Marquee for a sumptuous buffet lunch.
Elegant interior of the marquee.
Time to settle down for lunch!
Wide spread of buffet variety to choose from.
There's also a salad bar!!
and a dessert counter!!
Get your booze from the bar!!
Love the sushi that they serve there!
I always try to plate my food nicely in buffets but it ends up looking very unappealing. It's actually really delicious!
Getting interviewed by Channel 5. I actually practiced in front of the mirror several times before they film me. 

@ The Photobooth:
Take your group photos with props provided! It's free and unlimited!
Group photo at the photobooth! Free to take pictures!! 

You can see the drastic height difference between me and my girlfriend. :( 
I love the photobooth very much! They provided props for you to put on!! 

@ The Grandstand:
A huge outdoor area for you to observe the race.
Headed outside to watch the race.
The race course still as clean and fresh as the first time I was there.
Oh my god the horses look so darn handsome and sexy. Run horsie RUN!! 
Just us, cam whoring with the beautiful natural back drop behind us.

@ The Corporate Box:
A place where you can hold private parties or company functions, while enjoying the race too!
Huge private sitting area, great for parties.
A bar to keep you entertained! 
You can always view the race from inside the corporate box, comfortably air conditioned. 
Just us again.
Step outside onto the upper grandstand for a bird's eye view of the race.
You can view the entire racecourse from the upper grandstand.
Enthusiastic crowd.
Winning horsie number 6!

@ The Race Course:
Getting up close and personal with the beautiful horses, the jockeys and the race of course.

Things inside the goodie bag:Received the goodie bag filled with a booklet, a bird's net drink, a beautiful charm bracelet and a cap.

The turf club is not only a place for you to bet on the horses, it is also a unique place to relax, enjoy and have fun! You can hold company events, launch a new product, hold corporate seminars or even birthday parties! From cosy ambience to pulsating action, the Singapore Racecourse has it all. On race days, you can celebrate in style and watch all the exciting action on the racetracks. While on a non-race day, the Racecourse is a superb retreat from the hustle and bustle of the corporate world for you to plan the next battle. So instead of hosting your functions at the usual places, check out the Singapore Turf Club HERE

Overall, I had a great second experience at the Turf Club. From the relaxing and comfortable ambience of the marquee, the sumptuous buffet spread to the exciting action of the race, the Singapore Turf Club never fails to keep me entertained! It's definitely worth the visit!

If you missed out on this year's Emirates Singapore Derby 2012 event, come on down next year or join the upcoming events and packages at the Singapore Turf Club. For more information, visit:
or visit their Facebook Page and Twitter page for firsthand updates and event promotions.

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