Thursday, July 12, 2012


Foot rubs with Joanna! 
 Removing my top braces so I've got to take one last picture with it! My boyfriend said my fingers look short and retarded here. 
Unglam!! Braces out and time for the gum reduction surgery! 
Tadah! My smile still looks weird, maybe I have retarded facial muscles. I used to have gaps in between every single tooth!
Enjoying his belly rub.
Bromance time.
Went for a foot reflexology session at Chloe's. It's amazing how she can pinpoint all my health problems just by rubbing my feet, it was quite amazing. Thank god she didn't tell me I have cancer or something. Then I went for my dental to remove my top braces and have a gum reduction surgery. The gaps in between my teeth have already closed up but it's not very perfect cause my teeth are in different sizes, gotta do two veneers to level it out. Can't wait!! Anyway for those of you who have asked me about my dental clinic, here's the address: 230 Orchard Road #05-236 Faber House Singapore 238854 Tel: 6235 5235