Thursday, July 05, 2012


Sponsored Advertorial
Little Black Reversible Sling Pouch, Neon Four Ways Clutch and Mono Floral Reversible Pouch by Asunder.
Little Black Reversible Sling Pouch comes in different colours.
Neon Four Ways Clutch in White
Neon Four Ways Clutch in Black
Mono Floral Reversible Sling Pouch comes in different colours and patterns.
As mentioned on my formspring, the pouches that Valerie sews are like doremon's pouch. It's amazing how much weight the totes and pouches can take and no matter how many items you put inside, it never seems bulky. Containing laptop, books, pencil case and your makeup pouch is definitely not a problem for the totes. It goes to show that the stitching quality of the totes/pouches are extremely good!! Do show your support for these handmade pouches and totes kay! 

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