Monday, June 11, 2012


I stayed home for four consecutive days taking care of my boyfriend's dog, and the boredom got me to make my own highwaist paperbag shorts. It's pretty simple, I believe everyone can do it without the help of this tutorial, but since I was gonna reuse an old pair of jeans, I might as well document it for you girls! Here we go:

Step 1:
 Look for an old pair of oversized jeans, make sure it's really really huge. 
I took my dad's old jeans. 

Step 2: 
 Mark about 5 inches (2.5 inch for one fold) and cut the denim.

Step 3: 
Fold the denim in! Two to three folds would suffice.

Step 4: 
 Do the same for the other side. 

 Step 5: 
Add a belt and you're done!! 

Picture of me with the highwaist paperbag shorts!!