Thursday, June 07, 2012


Day Three First day of school | Lunch | Shopping | Federation Square | Crown Casino | Dinner
 Only four tenants
Breakfast was prepared by Roger, it was awesome. Then we all head off to school for our very first lesson in Melbourne, which turned out to be crappy. School only lasted for about thirty to forty minutes? It was a lame tour around the school and there was no class for the next following days. Can you believe that out of the two weeks that they planned for us, there was only three days of proper lessons. It's so hard not to hate my own school. After school, we head for lunch at a dirtiest vietnamese restaurant, but the food was surprisingly good. Accompanied the boys for some shopping then we head to Fed Square for some cam whoring. My boyfriend wanted to head to the casino so we went to Crown Casino and the moment I stepped in, three individuals came up to me and warn me about my camera. But I didn't care, manage to snap two pictures before the security threaten to confiscate it. We won, then lost it all. Pffftt... Black pepper steak dinner prepared by Roger again! Day three was simple and pleasant.