Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Day One Federation Square
Day one was bye bye Sydney and Hello Melbournee! Walked around Federation Square and saw some kids rolling down the hill. My crazy classmates tried rolling down the hill too and it was so funny. 

Day Two Queen Victoria Market | Harbour Town | Shopping at DFO | I lost my damn cardigan while shopping
It's a side of him you'll never see.
This hot bowl of seafood kimchi soup is so damn delicious, especially in the cold weather. 

Started day two of Melbourne with the world's most awesome mushroom grill cheese made by me! Sadly my pig of a boyfriend doesn't appreciate it, he said it was 'just okay'. Pfffttt...Went to Queen Victoria Market for some grocery shopping. Then we took a long walk all the way to harbor town for some shopping at the DFO. I was excitedly doing my shopping, so excited that I left my black cardigan somewhere, it's gone forever... The few days later I left my tiffany and co ring in my studio apartment and when I returned at night, it was gone. Sigh...