Monday, June 04, 2012


Day Six Surfing at Manly Beach / Lunar Park

Surfing is so hard, I bow down to all surfers. I've only managed to kneel on the surf board, the moment I stood up, I fall and the surf board attempts to kill me by pinning me down or smacking my face. I'm never gonna surf ever again, but it was an unusual experience, kinda in a good way. Lunar Park is the creepiest amusement park I've ever been to, every part of it feels spooky. 
Day six was my last day in Sydney. Sydney was good, people are friendly, the place is clean, the cruise experience is always breathtaking. I had a great time, though I think we've wasted the first four days visiting the city, we could've gone for more exciting tours. Most memorable places in Sydney was of course the Blue Mountains, shopping at the DFO, surfing at manly beach.