Friday, June 08, 2012


Day Four Vintage Shopping at Brunswick Street
Day four of Melbourne was basically making our way to Brunswick Street and stumbling upon so many beautiful things. There was graffiti everywhere, a chair in the middle of the street, and many more. Dinner was Prawn Aglio Olio cooked by my boyfriend. It was delicious too. 

Day Five AGideas Design Conference Day One | Emery Studio Visit
AGideas Design Conference day one! It was seven hours of presentation slides by different designers and I am so proud of myself for sitting through the entire conference. After the conference, we head down to Emery Design Studio.

Day Six AGideas Design Conference day two | Shopping
Day two of AGideas Design Conference. Totally skipped it and went for shopping. :/

Day Seven AGideas Design Conference day three
Sat through the seven hour design conference again! Yay!!