Friday, June 29, 2012


Zalora, online shopping's latest and largest style merchant has finally reached Singapore's shores! Carrying over 600 international and local iconic labels since their debut in February 2012, it's only the beginning for them! Offering products across all categories for both men and woman, shoppers will be able to create their personal style at any pricing, only at Zalora

I was really honored to be given a task by Zalora to pick out three completely different outfits from head to toe under the budget of $80. The GSS sale items in store now made my shopping experience so much easier. Even with a budget of $80, I was able to pick out not only apparels, but also shoes, bags and accessories. It was a wonderful shopping galore at Zalora!! These are the three outfits that I've picked under $80:

Many of the items featured above are from the Under $30 and Under $50 category. I was surprised that these stunning fashionable items are actually at such affordable prices! Be ensured that Zalora have your best shopping interests at heart and are constantly improving themselves to make your online shopping experience the best one yet. 


Service consultants are available at 1800 925-6720 or contactable via email at
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Enter the voucher code 'SZESfan' to enjoy a 10% discount off your total bill.
*Discount code is not applicable to sale/discounted items. Validity period is from 29th June to 13th July.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Sponsored Advertorial
Kikki Kat Shades in Leopard sponsored by Apricot Accessories.
Wore the Kikki Kat shades out several times. Love how simple and versatile it is, effortlessly matches every outfit. It's definitely one of my favorite shades that is always in my bag! It comes in leopard and black! I've recently bought a shoe from Apricot Accessories, definitely much check out their shoe collection!

Look out for Apricot's gorgeous Korean Shoes, up for Preorder!! 
Cara Cut-Out Slip-Ons
Teri Platforms
Glitter Up Lace Boots
Alexa Pointy Heels and Monique Pumps

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


 Val gave me the white/yellow clutch, super loving it!
Helped Val with the shoot for her new website launch. I thought being a 'model' was tiring cause you gotta change in and out of different outfits, but being a photographer is equally as tiring. Had fun though!! Favorite item from her new collection is the white/yellow clutch that she gave me. It's amazing how many different ways you can use the clutch. Keep a look out for her new website launch kay!! It'll probably be around next week. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Bought these pastel shades nail color at Faceshop, recommended by Valerie. Can't wait to pain crazy ass pastel nail art all over my nails! 

Monday, June 25, 2012


Two weeks ago I was invited down to White Cottage! 
White Cottage is a 24 hour photo studio founded by two young owners, Edwin and Tommy, with a strong background knowledge in the local online shopping scene, they understand how important it is for blogshop owners to have good quality pictures to showcase their products. These are some pictures of the photo studio: 
Clean and comfortable environment properly equipped with everything you need for the photoshoot. Curtains can also be drawn for privacy!
 Clothes rack, hangers and steamer provided for customers. Shoes shown in the picture are also provided for photoshoots.
 Huge fitting room space for models to change!
Dressing table for dolling up your models.
Photography props are also provided for a fun and creative photoshoot!
Hats provided too! 

The White Cottage is not just an ordinary photo studio, they have plenty of amenities like board games, card games, electronic games like Xbox 360 and Kinect and a forty two inch LED TV. Photoshoot packages not only allow you to take photos, but also play games! After some long hours of photoshoot, you can always hang around the studio for some fun and games with the two friendly owners, they might even give you discounts if you win them!! 
With proper equipments for best photo quality. 

'Behind the scene' photos for a photoshoot that they did for me:
You can see that my boyfriend is very nervous.
Tadah!! They even printed it out for us! This is with grey lighting.
And this is with white lighting! 
Love the photos that they took of us! It's definitely of very sharp quality!
They shoot personal portraits, friends portraits and family portraits too! I might be heading down with my girlfriends to do a shoot together some time soon!

So if you've just started out your blogshop and is in a tight budget, why not head down to White Cottage for quality photoshoots at the lowest price!
White Cottage is located at just 300m away from Outram Park MRT station, they are easily accessible!

Dog Adoption Programme:
Owners Edwin and Tommy are huge pet lovers and to promote adoption of pets, they are welcoming domestic pets in the studio for shoots! If you'd like to take professional shots with your beloved pet, do head down!! 

Here's the price list:
If you are required to shoot for long hours, getting the package deal would be a better choice! Package deals not only entitles you to long hours of shoot, it also allows you to use the gaming amenities in White Cottage. White Cottage is having promotion for package prices when you quote "szes0612"
These are the discounts that you'll be entitled to:

For weekday packages:
10 hour 10% off ------ u.p $140 ($14/hour) to $126 ($12.60/hour)
30 hour 20% off ------ u.p $360 ($12/hour) to $288 ($9.60/hour) + free camera rental
50 hour 30% off ------ u.p $500 ($10/hour) to $350 ($7/hour) + free camera rental

For weekend packages:
10 hour 10% off ------ u.p $180 ($18/hour) to $162 ($16.20/hour)
30 hour 20% off ------ u.p $480 ($16/hour) to $384 ($12.80/hour) + free camera rental
50 hour 30% off ------ u.p $650 ($13/hour) to $455 ($9.10/hour) + free camera rental

For photographer packages:
10 hour 10% off ------ u.p $300 ($30/hour) to $270 ($27/hour) 
20 hour 20% off ------ u.p $500 ($25/hour) to $400 ($20/hour)
valid till 31st july 2012! 

Visit their Facebook page for more of their photos and portfolios of friends, family and couple shoots!!